WATCH: Fan Runs Onto the Field During MNF, Rams LB Bobby Wagner Absolutely Levels Him

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Now it wouldn’t be Monday Night Football without a proper fan incident. One person ran onto the NFL field and Bobby Wagner stopped it quickly. Sometimes we see these things end with a funny chase and the security guards struggle to take them down. Not this time.

In this case, Bobby Wagner, linebacker for the Rams, decided to take things into his own hands. As the fan traversed the field, Wagner stepped in and put a stop to it all. Look, it’s the Bay Area, protests are expected at this point. This person came equipped with some pink smoke bombs.

Bobby Wagner Steals the Show

Bobby Wagner took care of business and then let the professionals handle the rest. You can always count on the fans to make a game interesting. There have been a few of these moments in the season so far. And, I think it is the second time that this has happened during a Rams game. The first was during their season-opening game against the Bills.

In that incident, the fan on the field was running with pink smoke behind them as well. So, it appears to be related somewhat, if not directly. This is also the first time it has happened this season and a player stepped in to handle things.

This Monday Night Football game was saved by Bobby Wagner and his quick thinking. Let’s look at it one more time from the press booth point of view.

The game on the field was not super exciting, at least from an offensive perspective. These two teams are having a defensive battle and the 49ers have come out on top so far as scoring goes. 14-6 in the third quarter has San Fran looking good against the Rams.

One major highlight from this game was when Deebo Samuel took the ball to the house. He is such an explosive player and gave the Rams something to regret on his way to six points. Other than that, it’s been a relatively quiet night of prime-time football. Let’s see if this one heats up in the waning minute of the game.