WATCH: Fan Runs Onto Field During World Series, Gets Tackled Trying to Climb Wall

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

It wouldn’t be the MLB World Series without a dumb fan running onto the field. Game 5 of the championship had a fan scrambling. You know, from the stands that wall probably doesn’t look all that tall. When you find yourself down on the field and running from security, it might as well be 100 feet tall.

The fans at Citizens Bank Park were not amused by the actions of the fan. This has been a very good World Series and tonight’s game was looking to be another great one. Of course, it was interrupted temporarily while security ran this wayward fan down and against the wall.

This Phillies fan really didn’t have a chance at getting out of this one.

Everyone in the stands, in the dugout, and on the field are filled with emotions and tensions that could just about rip you in half – this fan thought it was good to interrupt that. Even if the man was able to pull himself up on the wall, I’m not too sure that the fans in the stands wouldn’t have thrown him back down to security. The boos and jeers were loud and made it clear.

With the series tied up at two games a piece and it being a 2-1 game with the Phillies down at home – wrong place and wrong time. That fan is lucky that Bobby Wagner wasn’t around.

World Series Delivers Excitement

Game 5 is a pivotal one. The fans came into the night excited and ready to see a good pitching battle. Justin Verlander, Noah Syndergaard. We have seen games where each of these teams gets the bats going and is able to outpace the other. Then, we had a bit of a one-sided affair in Game 4.

So, Game 5 is bringing the drama that was sorely missing in the last game. The Phillies and Astros are locked in a battle for the World Series. This is as big as it gets.

The entire baseball world outside of Houston is cheering against the Astros. The Phillies are trying to be the good guys and send the former cheaters home without a championship.