WATCH: Fan Taken Down by LA Dodgers Ballgirl After Escaping Security and Running Across Field

by Jonathan Howard

Fans are going to do the wildest stuff. After one fan ran across the field at a Dodger Stadium, a Dodgers ballgirl stepped in. Security had a team of guys running around before the fans collided with the ballgirl and barrier wall.

Throughout the incident, the fans in the stands reacted along the way. While the game was exciting for Dodgers fans, they won 8-2 over the Angels, this might have been the most exciting play of the day. As the unruly fan sprints across the field, the Dodgers ballgirl gets into position. With a solid base under her, she made decent contact and made sure the fan was stopped at the barrier.

The end of the clip is pretty embarrassing for the fan. It looks like he took a hard hit over the wall and the entire stadium reacted. With the resounding “Ahhh” that resonated throughout the stadium, it is safe to say the Dodgers ballgirl was the real MVP of the game. With a mixed crowd in LA, the result was a win for both teams. Seeing a fan make an absolute fool of himself and get almost instant karma is always a good time.

In the clip, you can see about seven or eight members of security, just getting dusted by the fan in question. After the tackle is made, security swarmed the runaway man. If you look closely, a couple of security guards thank the Dodgers ballgirl for the assist.

Between the play on the field and this moment, the game ended with zero errors.

Here’s another angle:

Dodgers Ballgirl Makes the Save

Not only did that fan get taken out by the Dodgers ballgirl, but it will also live on the internet for years. The moment was a nice cap on a 2-1 series against the Angels. The Dodgers dropped the first game on Friday. However, after the 4-3 loss, they were able to rally.

On Saturday, the Dodgers played a bit better and sneaked out a 5-3 win. The 8-2 win today showed what baseball fans expect out of the team: they will always be tough to beat. With less than two months until the end of the regular season, teams are positioning themselves for home-field advantage. Currently, the Dodgers find themselves in 2nd place in the NL West.

The stars helped bring the win home for the Dodgers. Albert Pujols brought in two RBIs. Cody Bellinger also batted in two runs. As October quickly approaches, the Dodgers are going to be one of the favorites to win the World Series. Their win in 2020 was their first World Series title since 1988. If they repeat, it will be the first time in team history.

Hopefully, the Dodgers ballgirl is retired from her security duties. That is a lot to ask of and not really in her job description. As for that fan, perhaps he will stop at the third beer next time instead of going for that fourth and fifth.