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WATCH: Fox Breaks Loose, Runs Across Field at Cotton Bowl

by John Jamison
(Photo by Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, at the Red River Showdown, a fox has taken the field. Shortly after the heated rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas began, the little furry creature made a break for the endzone.

The fox won’t be running defenders over any time soon, but its agility is off the charts. Just take a look a look at that stride—easily sub-4.4 second 40-yard dash speed. With the small size, though, the fox has to consider itself lucky for the opportunity to get some D1 play on tape. You never know who’s watching.

In all seriousness, the little guy caused quite the stir at a packed Cotton Bowl. The fox didn’t appear to impact the play on the field all that much. It made a quick escape through the back of the endzone, presumably headed toward the tunnel.

The fox at the Cotton Bowl is just one of many four-legged interventions in sports this year.

Who could forget the adorable intrusion of Rookie the bat dog during a minor league baseball game in New Jersey?

Or how about the cat who tried to cheer Yankees fans up during a tough game against the Orioles?

Texas and Oklahoma Receive Invitations to Join the SEC

Over the summer, both rival schools currently competing in the Red River Showdown received invitations to join the prestigious ranks of the Southeastern Conference. At present, they are members of the Big 12 and are arguably the two biggest draws of said conference.

It was a unanimous decision among the 14 SEC representatives.

“Today’s unanimous vote is both a testament to the SEC’s longstanding spirit of unity and mutual cooperation, as well as a recognition of the outstanding legacies of academic and athletic excellence established by the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas,” said Greg Sankey, SEC commissioner.

Naturally, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby was none too pleased when he heard the news.

“We are disappointed these discussions went as far as they did without notice to, or inclusion of, other Big 12 members. Despite our concerns for the process and for the overall health of college athletics, we will do everything possible to make sure that the student-athletes at both universities enjoy an excellent experience throughout the remaining four years of their participation and competition in the Big 12 Conference,” the commissioner said in a statement.

The Big 12 sees the move as a money grab, intended to pump up the TV ratings of SEC football even further. Fortunately, Texas and Oklahoma plan on staying in the Big 12 until the media rights deal expires in 2025, per ESPN.