WATCH: Fox Disrupts USC-Arizona State to Joy of College Football Fans

by Evan Reier
Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

Drop everything right now. A fox blessed USC, Arizona State and all college football fans with its presence in Tempe, Arizona.

Look, sometimes a PAC-12 matchup without much CFP implication needs some spice. Arizona State is 5-3, USC is 4-4, and the battle for the South division isn’t over, but neither of these teams is playing for a title.

Enter the fox. We don’t have a name, and we don’t need a name.

On the first drive of the game, as USC was making their way down the field, the football fox made his presence known. It reached grass just as a play was called, which obviously shocked the announcers and pretty much everyone else.

It initially ran back and forth, fangs out, looking like an absolute badass. Please try and tell this fox it doesn’t belong, because I’m pretty sure it does.

Before it made its exit, it first attempted to get in on the party by jumping into the stands. The little dude sped up the stairs and into a section, hoping to find an empty seat to watch the rest of the Arizona State game.

But as any sports fan knows, trying to fit yourself in a section you don’t belong in is a bad move.

After what was likely an awkward dispute between the fox and whoever actually owned the ticket for that seat, he was now out of options. But one good turn deserves another, so the football fox then goes back on the field to get the lay of the land, as seen in the first tweet above.

Football Fox Gets Seen Leaving USC vs. Arizona State

It was in his second visit that the Arizona State staff and other officials asked him to leave. Look, we get a rowdy fan can deter others, but that’s part of the experience, folks. Find him a seat and let him enjoy this mediocre PAC-12 matchup.

Alas, party poopers are going to party poop and the fox had to go. Fortunately, Arizona State social media are pretty damn good at their jobs and trailed the football fox on his way out.

One ASU fan, Brooke, said what we’re all thinking in the comments.

“Let him back in that was the most entertained I’ve been in the last few games,” she tweeted.

Another user with the epic name Chazz Griffith, added his concern for the football fox.

“Hope the little fella is okay.”

It appears to be. Nobody steps to the football fox.