WATCH: Friend of the Year Award Goes to This Guy Carrying 48 Beers

by Matthew Memrick

One Dutch soccer fan put himself in the running for a friend of the year after carrying 48 beers back to his mates in the stands.

Thirsty 23-year-old Christiaan Roetgering completed this feat during a Sunday match between FC Twente and Willem II during an Eredivisie game. Shoot, the U.K. Sun said the two teams played to a 1-1 draw, but Roetgering won the day with his friends.

By the way, my Dutch to English dictionary is rusty these days, but I think Roetgering means Beer Run God in Dutch.

Ok, my first thought is: If you could clone Roetgering, you would almost have enough guys to play 100 Cups Of Beer On The Wall. Well, Roetgering said a beer bud named Jochen carried 50 beers in one go. So, you get the two of those guys together, and *hic* there will be more fun going on than a game of beer pong. 

My second thought is: NFL and American pro sports leagues limit me to two plastic cups a trip. Ridiculous! First, you can get a beer at McDonald’s in Germany, and now Dutch soccer fans can load up on beer runs.

Ok, my last thought is about his friends. How many came to the game? I can’t find the number at the moment. One Instagram commenter said the man could’ve bought enough beer for the whole SBV Vitesse (another Dutch team) club’s stadium.

Viral Video A Delight

As Roetgering hoofed it back to his buddies and the stands with FIVE stacked-up trays of suds, social media saw the man in video and pictures of his skillful beer handling ways.

The De Grolsch Veste brewery sponsors Roetgering’s stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals play at Busch Stadium in America, but you wouldn’t see any of this beer-toting magic. Not when one flavorful beer will cost you $13.25! Oh, and you’re allowed two measly liters at a time.

Imagine if young Roetgering was carrying that much beer back in St. Louis, and it was allowed? They’d have to have armed guards flanking him!

One Beer Run For The Ages

The man said he goes to games with his parched friends, and each time, one has the job of making the beer run.

“This time it was my turn,” Roetgering said. “And I didn’t fancy having to keep going back and forth to the bar. So I decided to get everything in one visit.”

Roetgering said he encountered obstacles on his way back, including a passageway and some stairs, but he persevered. 

The Dutchman said he had 300 friend requests on Instagram. He saw himself on the local TV highlights Sunday, and his phone blew up with calls and texts.