WATCH: Georgia Players Chase Kirby Smart for Gatorade Bath After Dramatic Bowl Win

by Joe Rutland

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart couldn’t avoid a Gatorade bath after the Bulldogs beat Cincinnati 24-21 in the Peach Bowl on Friday.

Kicker Jack Podlesney nailed a 53-yard field goal with two seconds left in the game. The 11th-ranked Bulldogs, according to The Associated Press’ Top 25 poll, put an end to sixth-ranked Cincinnati’s undefeated season.

With the game over, Georgia players were attempting to sneak up on Smart.

It’s become a tradition in sports over the past few years that winning coaches get Gatorade poured over their heads. Turn on a football game, either in the National Football League or college football, and you probably will find this scene playing itself out.

Smart did his best to avoid the drenching. How do you think he did? Let’s take a look and see how it worked out.

Georgia Bulldogs Come Back From Being Down 21-10

Entering the fourth quarter, Georgia was down 21-10 and it was looking like Cincinnati was on its way to completing a perfect season. But the Bulldogs pulled off the upset.

Georgia finishes its season 8-2; Cincinnati ends up at 9-1.

The Bulldogs managed to get into the Peach Bowl after losing star wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint earlier this season.

Rosemy-Jacksaint suffered a significant ankle injury when Georgia played Florida in a crucial Southeastern Conference matchup. He finished a Bulldogs’ scoring drive by catching a 32-yard touchdown pass, putting Georgia up 14-0 in the first quarter. As he was falling into the end zone, though, his ankle turned at a gruesome 90-degree angle.

Team medics carted the freshman receiver off the field following the play.

Upon watching the replay, Rosemy-Jacksaint caught the ball in the middle of the field around the 15-yard line. Then, he broke upfield toward the end zone. A second Gators defender attempts to tackle him. The defender, though, hits Rosemy-Jacksaint low on his right foot as the receiver breaks into the end zone. Rosemy-Jacksaint immediately grabs his leg with his ankle dangling to the side.

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