WATCH: Giannis Antetokounmpo Hits Chick-fil-A in First Move After Winning NBA Championship with Milwaukee Bucks

by Matthew Memrick

NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrated in style with 50 Chick-fil-A nuggets Wednesday.

The significant number of 50 matched his 50-point Game 6 victory that helped the Milwaukee Bucks grab its first NBA Finals championship in 50 years.

The star forward took to Instagram as he went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, talking with fast-food restaurant employees at Brookfield location on Capitol Drive. The chain has eight locations in Wisconsin.

“That’s why I signed in Milwaukee, so I can get free Chick-fil-A for life,” he said to the 155,000 watchers.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Antetokounmpo had his Larry O’Brien Trophy and the Bill Russell Finals MVP awards in tow while making his order at Chick-fil-A.

Antetokounmpo has documented his fast-food love over the years. A Tweet showing his first-time love for a smoothie gained all sorts of social media reactions in 2014.

The Chick-fil-A Love

In the Instagram video, he’s seen in the drive-thru line asking for free Chick-fil-A for life and even got fans stirred up with a “Bucks in 6” chorus.

“Hey, right now, I’m putting you guys on the spot,” he said to an employee at the window. “Free Chick-fil-A for life?”

“You win it again next year then you got a deal,” the employee responded.

He responded: “So I got to be a back-to-back champ for Chick-fil-A for life?”

During the encounter, Antetokounmpo also let a fan touch the O’Brien Trophy.

“I haven’t woke up, I haven’t slept. So, I’ve been up like this,” Giannis said with the Russell trophy. “This is why I love Milwaukee. This is why I chose to stay because we celebrate together. It’s been like this since day one. It’s been like this day one and I love this.”

The video did get a family member’s reaction.

Early Wednesday morning, Los Angeles Lakers standout Kostas Antetokounmpo tweeted out a response about 50 McNuggets to mess with his brother.

An NBA MVP Season for the Chick-fil-A Lover

Before the season, Antetokounmpo’s Milwaukee stay was in doubt. Unhappy with how the past two seasons wrapped up, the two-time NBA MVP was a free agent and looking to test the market.

The Bucks shored up their roster with a critical move to secure the star. They brought in Jrue Holiday to go with Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez, which was enough for Antetokounmpo to return.

From there, the Bucks had a masterful season. They rolled over the Miami Heat, slipped past the Brooklyn Nets, and downed the Atlanta Hawks. They did all this to reach the NBA Finals as the No. 3 seed.

During his NBA Finals run, Antetokounmpo shook off a hyperextended knee to score 20 points and grab 17 rebounds in Game 1. With Games 2 and 3, he combined for 80 points and 20 rebounds. After his 50-point strike in Game 6, his averages of 30.2 points, 12.8 rebounds and 5.1 assists netted him the prestigious NBA Finals honor.