WATCH: Giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch Making Calls at MLB Game is the Umpire the Sport Needs

by Shelby Scott

Baseball and cereal. What could possibly be more American than that? Perhaps giant cereal at a Major League baseball game? If that’s your definition of American, then hold on to your cereal bowl because we have just the clip for you.

A video clip shared to FOX Sports‘ Twitter page captured a giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch calling plays behind home plate at a Marlins/Mets game Tuesday night.

The 21-second video captures the entirety of a single pitch as the giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch occupies almost every single frame. As the announcers narrate the play, you may notice them pause in their monologue, though we’re unsure of whether it’s a tactical speech method or a simple case of speechlessness inspired by the giant square with a face lumbering behind home plate.

Regardless, however, of which team you’re rooting for tonight in the Marlins/Mets face-off, fans on both sides of the fence had loads to say about the mascot on Twitter, and responses are hysterical.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch never came to any of my games,” wrote @ryan_tovani. “Tell the Cinnamon Toast Crunch to take a seat,” wrote another follower.

On the other hand, “Why do I suddenly want cereal??” joked @gordo89stx. Further comments relayed even stronger sentiments and even more hilarious reactions, but we’ll let you peruse those on your own.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Embraces a Broad Marketing Base

While the cereal brand made a hit (figuratively) at the Marlins/Mets game Tuesday night, the brand embraces all kinds of new marketing ideas and product experiments. Most recently, its team has partnered up with Pillsbury cookie dough for a flavor that promises to be both sweet and distinct.

The new addition to the Pillsbury cookie dough collection is one of several Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s efforts to partner with major food brands.

Typically, the iconic Pillsbury cookie dough rolls come packaged similarly across all flavors. Consumers will continue to find the new flavor in its pre-sliced roll. Although now, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie dough roll will only boast 12, rather than 24, cookies. While more is more when it comes to cookies, fear not. While the Pillsbury roll reduced the number of cookies within, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor promises cookies twice their normal size. In essence, I suppose less is more in this case.

Although, like many premade cookie doughs, the best part overall is that Cinnamon Toast Crunch and cookie fans alike can eat the dough raw and it’s totally safe. Unless that is, you eat too much of it. But who’s to tell Outsiders when enough cookies are enough?

As of the initial release earlier this summer, the dough wasn’t yet making appearances on shelves. However, with the fall season approaching, now may be a good time to start looking.