WATCH: Giants HC Brian Daboll Absolutely Rips Into Offensive Lineman After False Start

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Giants head coach Brian Daboll wasn’t a happy camper after a first-half mistake on Sunday’s matchup against the Houston Texans.

Daboll laid into Giants offensive lineman Jack Anderson after he committed a false start penalty. The incident occurred during the second quarter of the team’s game against the Texans.

Down and distance definitely played into Daboll’s outburst. The Giants, who were up 7-0 at the time, faced a 4th-and-1 from the Texans’ 36 yard-line. The Giants kept the offense out on the field. However, Anderson’s false start pushed them back into a 4th-and-6, so they then sent the punting unit out.

Brian Daboll reacted in a not-so-nice way toward Anderson. You can see Daboll’s furious outburst below.

If they had kept the drive going, they could’ve increased their lead by a wider margin. However, they elected to punt as a field-goal attempt became too big of a risk.

Fortunately for Anderson, the Texans only turned that possession into a field goal. By the end of the third quarter, the Giants led 21-10 after touchdowns by Darius Slayton and Saquon Barkley.

The Giants ended up winning the contest 24-16.

Saquon Barkley rushing for 152 yards on 35 carries and a touchdown, one of his best performances as a professional.

The Giants are now 7-2 on the season. That would be their best start since 2008, when they began that season 11-1 before finishing up 12-4. They would eventually lose to the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round that season, one of their NFC East divisional foes.

Fans React to Brian Daboll’s Furious Outburst

Some fans thought that Brian Daboll’s outburst wasn’t fitting for the times. “That type of coaching only lasts so long. It is 2022 these guys don’t respond to that or at least not long term.”

However, other fans disagreed, swiftly responding in the reply section. “Every single coach in the league chews out a player a couple times in a season,” one fan defended Daboll. “Doesn’t mean that’s their style, but it happens.”

“These are men, not pee wee leaguers,” another fan added.

Brian Daboll previously served as the offensive coordinator for a variety of NFL teams. These include the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, and Buffalo Bills.

He also served as the offensive coordinator of the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2017. The Crimson Tide National Championship that season. He coached both quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa during his lone season at Alabama.

Hurts and Tagovailoa are both enjoying MVP-candidate-worthy seasons. Daboll is also partially credited with the development of Bills superstar QB Josh Allen, who progressed greatly each season after playing college football at Wyoming.

Daboll has also served in various capacities as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots from 2000 to 2006 and again from 2013 to 2016.