WATCH: Greg Olsen Says ‘We Are Finally Whole Again’ as Son Rings Bell After Recovering From Heart Transplant

by Halle Ames

Greg Olsen declares that his family is “finally whole again” after his son, TJ rings the bell to recovery from his heart transplant. 

Warning: this video will make your day 10x better. Please watch! 

Greg Olsen is one thankful father as his youngest son TJ proudly rings his bell toward recovery. The eight-year-old was diagnosed with a heart defect shortly after he was born. Since then, the condition, called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), has progressively gotten worse. By the time TJ was three, he had already undergone three open-heart surgeries. 

Doctors tried to buy Greg Olsen’s son some time with a modified heart, and while the heart did its job for a while, the condition took a turn for the worse. The young boy was quickly dying, and if doctors couldn’t find a donor heart soon, TJ would die from his HLHS. 

Greg Olsen’s Son Was Getting A New Heart

Well, on June 4, the thing Greg Olsen, along with thousands of social media fans, had been praying for came true. TJ has been matched with a donor, and the procedure to switch the new with the old heart would take place within the week. 

TJ’s medical team at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, was successful with their transplant. On June 7, Greg Olsen took to social media to share a video of his brave son right after surgery. TJ thanks fans for their well wishes, saying they have “gotten a win!” 

Ring it Loud!

A little over a week later, TJ isn’t just better. He is up and moving. This morning, the young boy walked the hall of the hospital to ring the recovery bell. Even the mask TJ was wearing couldn’t contain his bright smile.  

“Alright, buddy. Here we go. What are we doing?” asks an excited Greg Olsen behind the phone. “Alright, buddy! TJ! TJ!” 

B/R Gridiron posted the video, along with a quote from the father of three. 

[email protected]’s eight-year-old son TJ got to ring the bell after recovering from a heart transplant. Olsen: “We are finally whole again, and we couldn’t be more thankful!”

Fans and fellow parents flooded the comment section, with most posting a “W” for this win. 

“Before I had kids, stuff like this would make me feel good. Now that I have 3 of my own, sh*t like this chokes me up every time,” said one social media user.  

Siblings React to Exciting News

Greg Olsen has kept worried fans updated throughout his son’s journey. The other day, he shared a video of when TJ told his brother and sister he was getting a new heart. Be sure to have tissues for this video. 

Olsen also took the time to thank the donor family that made this possible. He calls the person “our special angel donor” and thanks them for their “selfless act.” 

We would like to thank them as well.