WATCH: Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Have ‘The Voice’ Reunion in Super Bowl LV Commercial

by Keeli Parkey

Super Bowl commercials often bring you combinations of celebrities you would never expect to see together in an ad. That wasn’t the case for the T-Mobile commercial that aired during the first half of Super Bowl LV on Sunday night. That commercial was a reunion fans of “The Voice” should love. It brought together Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine.

The commercial finds Stefani talking to Levine via video call at some point in the past. She’s looking for love, she tells him. “I think I’m ready to start dating again,” Stefani says while sitting poolside. However, she’s tired of “L.A. guys” and wants Levine to help set her up with her ideal man.

“What are you looking for?” Levine asks in response. Stefani describes what she’s looking for; however, Levine only hears part of the conversation because the network they are using isn’t as reliable as T-Mobile.

What Levine actually hears describes Blake Shelton, but that is not what Stefani had in mind at all. Shelton even shows off his comedy skills with a joke about “wings and nachos” as he walks by Levine while he talks to Stefani.

Cut to Stefani waiting for her date at a restaurant and in walks Shelton. Neither is pleased to see the other as their date. “… I mean, no,” Stefani says. Shelton is wearing spurs and says he rode a horse to the date.

Of course, the commercial is a joke. Shelton and Stefani actually love one another and they are planning to marry in the future. Each of them took to Twitter to talk about the commercial Sunday evening.

“Fastest way to win someone’s heart? WINGGGGZZZ and NACHOOOOS @AdamLevine@GwenStefani,” Blake Shelton tweeted.

Stefani also talked about the commercial on Twitter. “Showing up to a date in spurs is absolutely (bananas) @BlakeShelton@AdamLevine,” she wrote.

You can check out this Super Bowl commercial below.