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WATCH: High School Basketball Announcer Goes Viral For Epic Snow Day Call

by Andrew Graham
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Hamilton Community Schools in west Michigan had a snow day on Wednesday and they found out in exciting fashion. At the conclusion of a home win for the Hawkeyes boys basketball squad on Tuesday, superintendent Dr. Bradford Lusk went before the student section and broke the news.

And on the call was Hamilton High School sophomore Aiden Lynch, hollering a play-by-play moment for the ages. It’s a moment good enough that Lynch and his basketball-snow day call are going to live in Hawkeye lore.

“And Lusk calls the snow day! Breaking news: Lusk just called a snow day right here at the student section. Oh my goodness! I have never seen that before. Breaking news: Lusk calls the snow day at Hamilton. Woooooo! No school for me tomorrow! And that’s the end of the game, zeroes on the clock. 57-45. Lusk takes it home, along with the Hawkeyes. My name is Aiden Lynch, your sophomore broadcaster. That’s is the end of the game, officially,” Lynch said.

From the unbridled joy to “No school for me tomorrow” line from Lynch, it’s pretty close to a perfect 45 seconds of video. Note that, along with the student section spilling on to the court to celebrate, a few Hamilton players at the back of the handshake line couldn’t contain themselves either.

All-in-all, about as good a sports moment you’ll see. Hopefully the Hawkeyes enjoyed their snow day.

WATCH: Iowa Basketball Player Commits Embarrassingly Bad Flop vs. Wisconsin, Will Not Win Oscar

The NCAA put in a flopping rule in basketball for instances just like the one that involved Iowa junior guard Tony Perkins last night.

During the Hawkeye’s 64-52 loss at Wisconsin on Wednesday, Perkins executed an elite flop, especially considering Badger forward Tyler Wahl literally made no contact with him. However, it doesn’t seem as though Perkins will be nominated for any awards considering nothing was called and Wahl simply laid the ball in for two.

Again, this is why the NCAA P.R.O. Panel approved Class B technical fouls to be called on plays like this. However, the embarrassment from this clip and the fact that he gave up a score should be embarrassment enough for Perkins.