WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Jacoby Brissett Hilariously Chirping Defensive Lineman While Under Center

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Most of the time during an NFL game you hear few words from the field. Tonight we heard Jacoby Brissett loud and clear on Monday Night Football. Brissett and his Cleveland Browns dismantled the Bengals on Monday night. The Browns QB was feeling a little spicy at the end of the game.

You know Peyton Manning for his “Omaha” callouts and there are a handful of shouts and phrases that have entered the NFL lexicon over the years. However, this was more direct than any of those. As the game was coming to an end, Brissett wanted the defense to know that he almost got them offsides.

The call was perfect and was a fitting end to this game. A little trolling on Halloween night.

Jacoby Brissett, Browns Blowout Bengals on MNF

Monday Night Football has been a little disappointing this season. This game was more of the same. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fun of Halloween this game would have been a complete dud. But, it was salvaged by a few good moments.

Jacoby Brissett showed that he is a very capable starting QB. He dished the ball out to a bunch of players and was able to threaten the defense with his legs as well. The Bengals had no answer for what the Browns were putting down and it led to a massive blowout.

Cleveland put up 440 yards to 229 yards for Cincinnati. But, it wasn’t all bad. If you are a Browns fan this was probably one of the best Halloween/Monday Night Football combos you have ever seen. The 2-5 Browns are 3-5 heading into the Bye Week and that’s major.

Monday Night Football was scary for one team. For Jacoby Brissett, it was nothing but treats and the only tricks were the ones that he was giving out to the defense. The ManningCast had a panel of guests that were interesting and fun. That included big-time Browns fan, Brad Paisley.

Let’s not forget the man who dressed as the Cleveland “Clowns” in protest to how the team is performing. It looks like the reverse jinx worked and his team was able to come away with a huge win on Monday night and win the battle of Ohio in the NFL.