WATCH: Huge Frat Brawl Breaks Out in Ole Miss Student Section

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Despite the close game down on the field between Ole Miss and Kentucky, some frat bros couldn’t help but start a bit of a brawl in the stands. This one looks to be a Rebel on Rebel conflict. Who knows what caused it? Maybe someone forgot to bring the airplane bottles of Fireball. College football tends to bring out the intensity in folks.

This was a big fight with all kinds of people involved. Looking at it, a lot of whiffed punches and tripping in the stands than any real contact being made. Some of these guys got their licks in and looked like they had some kind of idea of what they were doing.

I’ll tell you this if this was a Polos vs. Sport Coats fight – Polos won.

I’ve decided to hand out an MVP award for this ridiculous khaki calamity. It’s definitely the dude in the striped red polo at the beginning of the video. He was in the middle of it all, then backed out, called out two guys, and ended up landing a couple of hits in the process.

The rest… well, they tried.

Fights in football stadiums like this are always silly. You stand up thinking you’ve got this but don’t realize you’re standing on a 14-inch wide piece of concrete. Not to mention the steep incline of the seating itself. One wrong step and you’re tumbling down. When something like this goes down you almost always see someone take that fall down a few rows.

Ole Miss Wins Fight on the Field

While the frat fight is hilarious, Ole Miss did win the battle on the field. Kentucky came in and made too many mistakes. With two missed PATs and a missed field goal, they left enough points on the field to change the outcome of the game. The Rebels were able to capitalize when it counted the most. A forced fumble at the end of the game put this one away and gave those guys in the stands something to be happy about.

For this Outsider and Kentucky fan, it hurts to type it out. But, Ole Miss won this game 22-19 and sent the Cats home to Lexington with their first loss of the season. Big game, only one team could come out on top, and it was Lane Kiffin and his Rebels.

The world just couldn’t handle a top-10 Kentucky team for an entire month…