WATCH: Injured Russell Wilson Ran An Entire Two-Minute Drill By Himself

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Though he is currently on the sidelines with an injury, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is still getting reps in.

Since coming into the NFL as a third-round pick of the Seahawks in 2012, Russell has been a phenomenal player. He’s started at quarterback for the Seahawks for several years now and has been one of the league’s most productive players over that time span. Quick, agile, and with a rocket attached to his right arm, Russell is a near-perfect modern-day quarterback. in the 2012 NFL draft, Wilson fell to the third round due to his lack of prototypical size for a quarterback. He’s only 5’11” 210 pounds on a good day, well below the average height and weight for a traditional quarterback. But, Russell Wilson has proved all of his doubters wrong as he is now one of the best signal-callers in the league.

While he has the physical attributes to be a great quarterback, where Russell Wilson really shines is the mental processing part of the game. He’s one of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football and it really shows in his decisive decision-making on the field. It is a tribute to his incredible work ethic, mental drive, and preparation. All three of these traits were on display Sunday as his team got ready to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. Before the game, knowing he wouldn’t play due to his injury, he took it upon himself to get some work in. Before the game, Russell Wilson simulated a two-minute drill and in order to prepare for his next time on the field.

“Russell Wilson’s pregame routine is unlike any other,” the Twitter post proclaims.

Russell Wilson Prepares for Return From Injury

In the short video from the NFL, Russell Wilson is running through an imaginary, game-like scenario. He goes through each and every step, even simulating a huddle by kneeling down on one knee. After completing an imaginary pass, he then pretends to be running up to the line in haste in order to spike the balls and stop the clock. He then practices his footwork in a roll-out situation and finding a wide receiver in the back of the endzone.

This is next-level preparation and it is one of the reasons that Russell Wilson is one of the best players in the NFL. Typically, injured players do very little of anything as they heal — but the Seahawks quarterback is not your typical injured player.

Wilson injured his hand in the team’s most recent game against the Los Angeles Rams. This is likely the reason he isn’t using an actual ball in warmups. The Seahawks would lose to the Steelers in last night’s Sunday Night Football matchup. Russell Wilson could be out for a bit, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says his quarterback will likely miss at least three games.