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WATCH: Jacksonville Jaguars Secure Walk-Off Win over L.A. Chargers in Incredible Fashion

by Jonathan Howard
Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence
(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to pull off an unthinkable comeback win after trailing 27-0 to the Los Angeles Charges on Saturday night. This was the third-largest comeback in NFL Playoff history. It was truly stunning to watch it all unfold.

When you see a team losing 27-0 in the first half it can be hard to keep watching. But the Jacksonville Jaguars made it completely worth it. Even after throwing four interceptions in this game, the Jags are coming away victors.

Trevor Lawrence has his first career playoff win. He can thank Riley Patterson for that.

This game came down to Lawrence waking up and finally throwing the ball to his own team, and the legs of Travis Etienne Jr. Especially, Etienne Jr. This Jacksonville team has rallied around one another and really turned the organization around from where they were last season.

Al Michaels was in the booth for this game. It was an exciting finish and one that many fans likely missed after seeing the ugly start from the Jags.

Jacksonville Jaguars Advance

From 3-14 just one season ago to winning the Wild Card game with a walk-off field goal this year. The Jacksonville Jaguars have shown what can happen when an NFL team buys in and believes. Even when they struggled, the players leaned on one another.

The story here is Trevor Lawrence and his perseverance. The young quarterback really struggled. In fact, he messed up so badly that Asante Samuel Jr. made history against him in the first half.

Three of the four interceptions went straight to Samuel Jr. Then, the second half came around and Lawrence locked in. He looked like the quarterback that so many believe he can be. If h gets comfortable in these intense playoff situations, he could develop into a dangerous passer.