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WATCH: Jacksonville Jaguars Trolling of LA Chargers Continues

by Suzanne Halliburton
trevor lawrence celebrates playoff win over chargers
Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

You only thought Trevor Lawrence was the best Jaguar on the field Saturday night in their improbable playoff victory over the Chargers.

Well, props to their super creative social media squad. The unit brought the receipts. And we mean that in the literal sense. Sure, Lawrence and friends can party at the Waffle House after the improbable 31-30 victory. We like a troll celebration.

Check it out. Jacksonville’s social media team tweeted: “You can keep the receipt” along with the photo of a receipt machine that printed out “It was always the Jags.”

Why Is This Jaguar Tweet Such a Classic Troll Job?

OK, we know that without context this Jaguar tweet might make no sense. Let’s fill in some of the details. The Chargers’ social media team is super creative as well. And they relied heavily on a receipt machine and a bevy of video clips to set up LA’s potential playoff run. Except in this tweet, the video featured a lot of Charger naysayers who never thought the team would make the postseason.

The main diss was that “they’re not that good.” The tweet answered it with “noted.” Through Sunday, the video totaled more than 9.3 million views. That’s viral, very viral.

Trevor Lawrence Threw Four Picks Followed By Four TD Passes

And we’re betting that only the most delusional Jaguar fans (and members of the social media team) thought Jacksonville would rally coming into the second half after the brutal start. Lawrence threw four interceptions in the opening 30 minutes, with a triple shot in the first quarter. Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel grabbed three of the picks, with a pair coming in the opening 15. No quarterback had ever thrown that many interceptions in the first quarter of a playoff game. It definitely was an ugly start for Lawrence, the second-year pro and former Clemson star. No receipts necessary for that statement.

The Jaguars got down 27-0 in the second quarter but trimmed the deficit to 20 points by halftime. Doable playoff comeback? Are you serious? Lawrence said the team believed at halftime.

“You couldn’t write a crazier script,” said the quarterback, who closed the evening at the Waffle House. “We said in the locker room that’s kind of how our season’s going. We’re never out of the fight.”

And he continued describing the improbable ending.

“I’m kind of speechless, honestly, just to see what belief can do and to see when a team believes in each other what you can accomplish.”

Lawrence started the game with four picks, then finished it with four touchdown passes. There’s some nice football symmetry to the stat. But the Jaguars didn’t take the lead until the game’s final play, when Riley Patterson was good on his 36-yard field goal. A fourth-down run from Travis Etienne made the field goal possible. The Chargers’ defense bet on a QB sneak on fourth-and-one. Instead, Etienne got the toss and ran for 25 yards.

Party on Jaguars.