WATCH: Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley Start to Scrap, Separated at Weigh-in Before Boxing Match

by Matthew Memrick

Internet celebrity and boxer Jake Paul and MMA fighter Tyron Woodley got into it during a weigh-in before their Cleveland boxing match.

At one point, Woodley goes up to Paul with his hands out and something in them. The 24-year-old Paul slapped the 39-year-old Woodley’s hands, and seconds later, and the two men needed to be separated. Members of both teams joined in on the melee.

According to ESPN, Jake Paul was eating chicken fingers on stage during an on-stage interview. Woodley approaches with a packet of wet wipes while verbally confronting the fighter. Paul slaps the wet wipes, shoves Woodley, and tries to grab Woodley’s hat. The punk move was likely to duplicate what he did with Floyd Mayweather in a May stunt

Security and Cleveland police calmed the Intercontinental Hotel atmosphere. 

An earlier weigh-in on Saturday was uneventful. Jake Paul was 190 pounds; Woodley 189.5.

One Twitter user said that Woodley had told Paul that “he was gonna give him Dude Wipes after he beats the dog s*&t outta him.”

Recently, boxing legend Mike Tyson said his friend, Paul, would win the fight.

Jake Paul Earlier Went After Woodley

Two days earlier, Woodley said he suffered some harsh talk about his mother from members of Jake Paul’s team. Members of his squad held him back at a Thursday news conference. Officials escorted Woodley’s team and family members from the press conference.

“One thing I don’t do is disrespect,” Woodley said in an interview. “When disrespect comes to my mother…. it will not be tolerated. I addressed his camp. They’re a whole bunch of f&^%#@$ goofies. And they are.”

Woodley said he didn’t like what the camp said, and he reiterated that they disrespected her.

Someone asks, “what did (Jake Paul’s camp) say to your momma?”

Woodley responds it doesn’t matter and that they shouldn’t have said anything. He goes on to say, “they shouldn’t have asked her what’s two times two.”

Woodley’s Background

Sunday will be Woodley’s pro boxing debut. The Ferguson, Missouri fighter lost his last four UFC fights and ended his contract with the league this year.

ESPN called Woodley one of the best welterweight fighters in MMA history, accumulating four title defenses as 170-pound UFC champ. He held his welterweight class belt for three years (2016-2019).

The impetus for this fight came from Paul’s last fight against Ben Askren.

Jake Paul, who fought former Bellator MMA and ONE Welterweight Champion Askren in March, was caught up in a verbal confrontation with Woodley the evening of the Askren fight. Woodley was in Askren’s corner for that fight. 

Jake Paul Feels Good

The YouTube and TikTok celebrity is 3-0 heading into the fight. With wins over Askren and former NBA veteran Nate Robinson, Jake Paul hopes to be the biggest name in boxing someday.

Both men hope to go eight rounds, each going for 3 minutes.