WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Has Epic Fail Chugging Beer During NY Rangers Game

by Taylor Cunningham

Jimmy Fallon was up to his normal Jimmy Fallon antics this week. But fans across the internet thought he may have taken things too far this time—because a perfectly good cup of beer was wasted in the process.

It all went down as the talk show host and children’s book author was enjoying game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday when the New York Rangers took on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

During an intermission on the ice, the celebrity cam panned to him. At that moment, as he was chowing down on a hot dog and sipping a beer. And in true Fallon fashion, he put on a show.

In a social clip, which has since gone viral, the comedian dipped his hot dog and bun into his cup of beer for a little flavor and then proceeded to shove it into his mouth like a log into a woodchipper. And, once the crowd went wild, he stood and chugged his beer fratboy style. But, of course, almost none of it actually made it into his mouth.

Just watch for yourself below.

After the messy affair, Fallon traded his brew-soaked sweatshirt to represent in a Ranger’s jersey. However, the new attire didn’t make people forget the mishap.

People Couldn’t Help But Notice that Jimmy Fallon Basically Threw Away a $40 Meal

The fans at Madison Square Gardens appreciated the spectacle. But after the clip made its rounds on the internet, some people couldn’t help but feel the sting of inflation. And they pointed out the obvious wastefulness of the overpriced sports venue meal.

“That’s how you know someone has money,” @blueshirtsbrian jabbed. “Dude just dumped 40 bucks on the ground.”

@JlStanley2000 couldn’t help but remind the user that there were other costs included in the stunt.

“Don’t forget most likely cost $100 in gas to get there,” she wrote. And another noted that $40 was way too optimistic of an estimate. “40 bucks alone for the beer probably,” wrote KP_905_.

But in reality, most people couldn’t help but feel bad for the spilled beer. No one else would have treated such a novelty so frivolously.

“Waste of beer,” @Hocketsticknick grumbled.

“Just ridiculous,” @gshep9 agreed.

And @John_K_Seaver thought that Fallon dumping his brewsky on the ground said a lot about his true feelings.

“So we’re expected to believe Jimmy Fallon bleeds Ranger blue? Please,” he wrote.

However, some of the ill words may have been due to misdirected anger from last night’s game. That night, the Lightning beat the Rangers in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The final score was Lightning 3, Rangers 1.