WATCH: Jockey Miraculously Survives After Being Bucked Off Horse, Kicked by Another in the Head During Race

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

During a Belmont Park race on June 3, a jockey got bucked off of his horse. The scene was intense and absolutely horrifying.

Irad Ortiz Jr. was thrown from his horse during a Thursday race at the famous venue. Not only was he bucked, but he was also kicked in the head. Thankfully, though, the equestrian didn’t sustain any serious injuries during the incident.

Yesterday, Friday, June 4, Ortiz Jr.’s agent spoke to media personnel about the incident. He explained that even though the fall looked horrible, he will be able to recover relatively quickly.

“He said he felt better today than he did last night,” Rushing explained to the Daily Racing Form. “I told him I don’t know what brand of helmet you have, but make sure you get another one.”

The jockey was rushed to the hospital immediately following the accident. Rushing also said that Ortiz Jr. had to get six stitches in his head. Additionally, the rider’s agent said that he had to get 5 stitches in his arm. However, the best news of the day is that the horseman will be able to make a speedy recovery barring no setbacks.

Somehow the Jockey Was Able to Avoid Any Serious Injuries During the Accident

That is an incredible prognosis considering the accident. During the race, Ortiz Jr. was just out in front of the pack. But, for some reason, the horse stumbled while coming down the stretch. Almost immediately, the horse bucked the jockey.

As Ortiz Jr. was thrown over the back of his horse, he managed to land on his feet. He slammed his head into the dirt, though. It caused the rider to be jolted back almost to a sitting position.

Looking at the video, it appears that the trailing horse’s leg hit Ortiz Jr.’s head. The following horse managed to avoid contact with the jockey somehow. However, Ortiz Jr. was taken off the track on a stretcher.

Ortiz Jr. was supposed to be riding Known Agenda during today’s Belmont Stakes. However, due to the accident, that will not be happening. His replacement rider was named a few hours ago. Interestingly, it will be Ortiz Jr.’s younger brother, Jose Ortiz, riding Known Agenda.

It is nothing short of a miracle that the jockey managed to escape with so few injuries in total. Nonetheless, for everyone involved, it was a terrifying accident. Hopefully, there won’t be as many fireworks involved in the race this afternoon.