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WATCH: Jordan Spieth Suffers What May Be the Worst 360-Degree Lip Out of All Time at Ryder Cup

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Team USA golfer Jordan Spieth looked to have a layup putt in Saturday’s Ryder Cup, but the ball rolled into the worse 360-degree lip out of all time.

Spieth had a 7-foot, 10-inch putt to make in Saturday’s Ryder Cup action in Haven, Wisc. As it touched the left edge of the cut, it started to disappear. Then, it rotated around the hole and finished less than an inch from the hole.

The golfer put his hand to his mouth and stared off into Lake Michigan with no respite.

Can you imagine all the groans and ahs on that one? Many Twitter followers called the miss brutal. One even posted the classic meme from “Billy Madison” where Billy screams at a ball to “get in its home.”

“That’s the worst lip-out you could ever get,” NBC analyst and former Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger said. 

Spieth’s Unreal Shot

Saturday’s flub probably canceled out an unreal moment on Friday.

In a must-hit situation, the golfer had to make a shot from a tricky dune. The dune was 20 feet below green level, with Lake Michigan below.

A missed European team shot forced the Texan to give it a go to keep play alive on the 17th green.

The shot put Spieth off-balance and running down a hill to avoid a fall.

He told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that it wasn’t an exaggerated fall toward the water.

“It’s kind of one of those shots that you practice as a kid for fun, and you don’t ultimately want to have it,” the golfer said.

Sadly, the Americans couldn’t finish, and the hole win went to the Europeans.

Saturday Morning Tough For Spieth

A caddie-vs. golfer verbal battle (i.e., former Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams) is not an ideal situation.

Saturday morning was no different.

Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm caddie Adam Hayes traded words over a drop. At that time, the Americans led the Europeans, 9-3.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Spieth hit his ball into a water hazard the par-5 No. 5 hole. As four Americans walked up to a hole, the men agreed on the ball crossing into the penalty area.

According to NBC/Golf Channel analyst Jim “Bones” Mackay, “someone tried to influence the decision on where to drop.” Reportedly, the difference was a big one. Like 20 yards.

Spieth didn’t like that and voiced his displeasure which got a rise out of Hayes. Cameras or Mackay heard the golfer say, “I didn’t raise my voice, buddy.” 

Hopefully, it wasn’t one of those condescending “buddy” add-ons. 

After everyone finished the hole, the Americans traded fist-bumps. At that point, the Europeans had a 2-up lead.