Watch: Justin Moore Teaches His Son the ‘Horns Down’ Gesture in Adorable Moment Matthew McConaughey Would Not Approve Of

by Samantha Whidden

Starting them young! country superstar Justin Moore shared on his social media accounts a video of his son, Thomas South, performing a Texas Longhorns “horns down” gesture.

“Welcome to the SEC.  #Wps #HornsDown @RazorbackFB,” Justin Moore captioned the video. He also tagged Hollywood star and well-known Texas fan, Matthew McConaughey, in the post.

Justin Moore married his wife, Kate, in 2007. The couple has three daughters and a son. He is notably an avid fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks, hence why he was happy to teach his son the “horns down” gesture. Arkansas beat Texas last week 40 to 21. 

Justin Moore also made a special appearance during the game and after the win, he took to Twitter to share his excitement. “Thanks again for having me @SECNetwork #GoHogs #SECNation.”

Justin Moore Talks Supporting the Arkansas Razorback Football Team

In a 2011 interview with ESPN, Justin Moore opened up about his support for Arkansas Razorbacks “I’m a ridiculous Arkansas fan. A fantastic. I could’ve went on and on.”

Justin Moore also said that any time he gets an opportunity to slip anything Arkansas into a video or show, he’ll do it. During a 2015 interview with Sports Illustrated, Justin Moore said that when you grow up in Arkansas, they don’t have any pro teams. “No teams matter to the state, even though there are other DI schools. It’s about the Razorbacks. You don’t have anything but the Razorbacks. You are kind of born into it.”

When asked what Arkansas game specifically stands out for him, Justin Moore stated that Razorbacks football is so unique that it kind of changed over the years. He distinctly remembered the game against Rice in 1992 where the crowd was chanting “SEC” because the team officially joined the conference. 

Justin Moore then said at the time that he’s actually really close to those involved with the team. “I am really good friends with the head coach [at the time Bret Bielema]. He inherited a pretty difficult situation after Petrino and the John L. Smith year. I have the utmost confidence in what he is building there and we are thrilled that he is our coach. I think best years are ahead.”

Moore Has SEC Football Rivalry Bets With Fellow Country Singer Daricus Rucker

Also during his interview with ESPN Moore recalled touring with Darius Rucker, who is a huge South Carolina fan, and how the two country singers would have a friendly rivalry. 

“[Darius Rucker’s] as fanatical with [South Carolina] as I am with the Razorbacks,” Moore proclaimed. “I talked about money. And he was like, ‘No, if South Carolina wins, you have to come open a show for free for me. If Arkansas wins, I have to come to do the same for you.’”

In the end, Moore said that Arkansas “beat the absolute crap” out of South Carolina. “He still owes me that show. He promised he’d do it and he’s a great guy.”