WATCH: Kid Houston Texans Fan Hilariously Trolled by Uncle with Bill O’Brien-Themed Gift

by Halle Ames

How deep does your team rivalry run? For one kid, his Texans themed gift is exactly what he wished for, while his brother is unamused.

An uncle was picking out Christmas presents for his two nephews when he had a perfect idea… for one of them. He didn’t go for a superman action figure or slime or anything like that. This uncle gets one of his young nephews a Texans helmet with DeAndre Hopkins’ signature on the side.

“A football helmet?” narrates the uncle as he is recording. “Yeah, what is it? Here, let’s see. Maybe we should take it out. Oh, it looks like a Texans helmet. No way, it’s not autographed, right?”

The boys scream as they realize whose signature it is.

“It is autographed!” yelled the boys. “What! You got a DeAndre! No Way!”

DeAndre Hopkins was the 27th pick overall in the 2013 draft to Houston Texans. He played for the Texans until 2019 when he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Hopkins is a five-time Pro Bowler and three-time First-Team All-Pro. In 2017 he was also the NFL’s receiving touchdown leader.

Not a Texans Fan

The other boy, who is identified as Collin, next gets to open his present, which is flat like a piece of paper.

“Okay, Collin gets his now. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be. If it’s that small, it’s probably something even cooler.”

Collin finally gets the envelope open as he blankly stares at the image on the paper. Bill O’Brien, the former head coach and now general manager for the Houston Texans has his photo and autograph on the paper. The boy is furious as he hilariously screams and takes it to the trash can.

Collin turns red as he keeps screaming and hits the trash can a few times. He takes the photo of the Texans coach and crumbles it up before throwing it back into the trash. In addition, Collin wipes his eyes as he might have let out some very aggressive hate tears.

The other boy walks over with his beloved DeAndre Texans helmet and cheers as his brother screams in anger.

Hey buddy, we get it. We would have some choice words to say to about a few teams we can’t stand either. Merry Christmas from your favorite uncle, though?