WATCH: Kirk Herbstreit Accidentally Cusses on College GameDay

by Caitlin Berard

This week not only marks Week 1 of the 2022 college football season but the start of this year’s stretch of College GameDay broadcasts as well. It’s an exciting time for everyone – fans, players, coaches – the football-induced delirium can even be felt among the GameDay hosts.

But here’s the thing about GameDay – it’s live television. So when that excitement inevitably leads to mistakes, there’s no editing it out. And while the occasional mistake is expected on College GameDay, it didn’t prepare David Pollack for a hilarious yet inappropriate reaction from Kirk Herbstreit mid-broadcast.

Today’s show included a new game in which the hosts tested their knowledge of NCAA Transfer Portal players. Each host was given a random transfer student – their task was to guess where each quarterback had transferred.

When it was Kirk Herbstreit’s turn, the carousel of students landed on Tommy DeVito. Herbstreit clearly had no idea where Tommy DeVito transferred, because instead of answer, he simply said, “Oh s–t.”

David Pollack was already prepared to tease his cohost for not knowing the answer. After a split second, however, he realized what Kirk Herbstreit had actually said. Laughing even harder, Pollack turned to embrace Herbstreit, completely overcome with amusement.

Social media, of course, immediately joined in on the fun. “I guess we can forgive Kirk Herbstreit for cussing on College GameDay since it’s just Week 1,” one fan wrote. “I was like ‘Wait… Did he just drop the oh s–t an hour into the season???’ And just like that, Saturday mornings are back to normal,” another said.

By the way, for anyone curious, Tommy DeVito transferred from Syracuse to Illinois!

College Football Fans Admire Kirk Herbstreit-Lee Corso Dynamic

College GameDay is an absolute institution in the world of NCAA football. Since 1987, the hosts of the iconic talk show have kicked off the excitement for the high-intensity sport. And 87-year-old Lee Corso has been there from the very beginning.

Kirk Herbstreit joined the team in 1996. And for the past 26 years, the duo has honed their broadcasting skills while forming an unbreakable bond. They can now play off each other so seamlessly that College GameDay fans can’t help but admire their decades-long relationship as both friends and colleagues.

“Every person should have someone in this world that is as kind and considerate to them as Kirk Herbstreit is to Lee Corso,” one fan wrote. “If you didn’t know and just turned on the tv to college game day, you could mistake Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit for father and son the way they talk to each other,” another said.