WATCH: Kurt Busch’s Car Catches Fire in Inferno at NASCAR Cup Series at Darlington

by Evan Reier

Darlington is known for its unique design and knack for drama, and the early goings of the NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday had it in spades.

While multiple different wrecks took out racers like Aric Almirola and Cole Custer, possibly the most jarring is when Kurt Busch’s No. 1 car lit up in a blaze.

Firstly, the longtime driver caught the wall pretty hard. However, as he was driving moments after, his car caught fire in eye-catching fashion.

“Kurt Busch’s day goes up in flames. #NASCARonFS1” @NASCARONFOX tweeted alongside the video.

“Kurt Busch is frustrated after pounding the inside of the frontstretch wall,” Joy said as smoke began to pillow.

Then right as Jeff Gordon chimes in, the underside of the NASCAR driver’s machine lights up.

Joy adds that this isn’t exactly the first time that Kurt Busch’s car has caught fire.

“This seems to happen frequently to the No. 1 car,” Joy also said. Here’s a video of one of the more recent occasions.

Cause of NASCAR Veteran Kurt Busch’s Fiery Issues

In a replay of moments prior, the commentary team breaks down exactly what happened that led to the flames. It starts with Busch and fellow NASCAR competitor Matt DiBenedetto, but more was at play.

Kurt Busch gets a little close to DiBenedetto, causing enough of a nudge to send the No. 1 car out of control. Mike Joy also points out that Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was also in the mix.

However, a different angle shows that Bubba Wallace was the one to catch Busch. While there were several drivers close together, the two appear to be the primary connection.

Either way, Busch is sent careening toward the inside wall, and connects it a pretty good speed on the front corner of the passenger side. It eventually led to the flames, and that was that for Kurt Busch’s day.