WATCH: LA Chargers Suffer Another Clock-Management Disaster Against Atlanta Falcons

by Will Shepard

This team needs a break. The LA Chargers suffered another disastrous clock management debacle on Sunday. It marks yet another silly mistake that’s taking points off of the board for the Chargers. After suffering the worst loss in team history last week, the Chargers made another bad mistake this week.

At the end of the first half, the clock was winding down, and the Chargers had the ball at the 8-yard line. On third down and one yard to go, the running back, Keith Ballage, was stuffed before getting the full yard. So, that brings up fourth down with a yard to go.

However, Anthony Lynn could not get his team organized. The clock meanwhile is still ticking down. With just over ten seconds left in the half, the offense lines up like they are going to go for the yard.

All of a sudden, the kicking team runs onto the field, and chaos takes over. The Chargers could not figure out what was happening.

Although the kicking team got lined up, the ball was snapped to the placeholder after the clock hit zero. Even though Michael Badgley put the kick between the uprights, the field goal didn’t count.

Chargers Poor Time Management

So, yet again the Chargers leave points on the board, and the Atlanta Falcons retain their seven-point lead going into halftime.

This is not the first time that Lynn’s Chargers have suffered from poor time management. Back in early November, the Chargers were playing the Las Vegas Raiders. Again, it was a tight game right before halftime.

The Chargers had the ball at the Raiders’ 40-yard line with just about two and a half minutes left. They also had all three timeouts left at the start of this series. The first play the team ran was a one-yard rush on first down. But, instead of playing in a hurry-up offense, they let 28 seconds run off the clock to the 2-minute warning.

Next, they took a penalty to bring them to second and 19. The Chargers, over the next few plays, actually scored, but the time management was rough. The team didn’t use a single timeout, and without a drive saving 27-yard touchdown pass, it would have been disastrous.

Chargers Make Up for Mistake

This Sunday’s game (Dec. 13) did end differently as the Chargers eked out the win in the final seconds. Badgley hit a 43-yard field goal to make up for the mismanagement of the clock.