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WATCH: Lane Kiffin’s Knoxville Return Ends With Fans Raining Trash on Field

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Lane Kiffin’s highly anticipated return to Knoxville, Tennessee went about the way everyone thought it would. That is…if everyone thought it was going to end in mayhem.

Lane Kiffin entered Neyland Stadium to a chorus of boos and chants that shouldn’t be repeated in public settings. The Ole Miss head football coach was in town to take on his former team, the Tennessee Volunteers. Lane Kiffin has a dark history with the Tennessee football program and its enthusiastic fan base.

Last night, with well over 100,000 football fanatics packing the stadium, emotions boiled over and chaos ensued. As the game came to an end, boos were the least of Lane Kiffin’s concerns as fans pelted him with whatever they could find. Water bottles, plastic cups and even golf balls were among the items thrown at the former Volunteer head coach. When the game ended Kiffin needed a large security contingency to escort him out of the stadium and ensure his physical safety.

Among the most passionate fan bases in all of organized sports, it wasn’t Lane Kiffin that set off Vol fans the most. A couple of questionable calls by the game’s officiating crew drew the most ire of those clad in orange. The result was an emotional fan base ready to explode– and that is exactly what happened.

As you can see from this brief clip, Tennessee Volunteer fans are launching whatever they can find. Items hitting the Neyland Stadium turf include just about anything you can imagine from trash to game souvenirs. The moment came with just seconds left in the game after what might have been the deciding play giving Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin the victory.

Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss Leave Knoxville With Controversial Win

The defining moment came with just seconds left to go in the game. Facing a fourth down with 24 yards left to go, Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel dialed up a pass play. Volunteer quarterback Hendon Hooker found tight end Jacob Warren streaking across the middle of the field. Warren made the catch and appeared to have enough yards to gain a first down but officials ruled less him than a yard short of picking up a critical first down. Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin would take possession of the ball as the game came to an end.

It was one of a couple of questionable calls the officiating crew made against both teams. Earlier in the game, they took a touchdown away from the Vols on a fumble recovery and score. The crew ruled that the forward progress of Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral had been stopped prior to him fumbling away the ball.

The controversial call and a few others were enough to set Tennessee fans on a path of destruction. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported from the incident and both teams live to fight another day.