WATCH: LeBron James Highlights Video Showing Him Raging Over James Harden Trade

by Quentin Blount

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James recently responded to a viral tweet showing his hypothetical reaction to the James Harden trade.

YouTuber Mark Phillips has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He often uses current events in the NBA as a jumping-off point for his content. As such, he released a new video on Wednesday following the massive trade sending Houston’s superstar guard James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets. There, he will join fellow former MVP Kevin Durant and star guard Kyrie Irving.

In the clip, Phillips impersonates James as he finds out that the Nets have formed a “Big 3” of Harden, Durant, and Irving. In particular, Phillips’ emphasis of “I’m 36” really resonated with the King.

James clearly found humor in the short video. It also features the Phillips impersonating James, saying he is not Thanos, the famous Marvel character.

Check out the entire clip below:

Brooklyn Nets a Championship Contender?

Meanwhile, with the big news means that the Brooklyn Nets could be a new championship contender in the NBA with the formation of a Big 3 in Brooklyn.

According to betting experts at BetMGM, the Nets now have the second-best odds to win the 2021 NBA Finals at +300. They land just behind the favored Lakers who are at +250. With everyone talking about a potential showdown in the Finals between both of these teams, there has been no shortage of content surrounding the move.

The piece of content above, however, LeBron James felt the need to respond to personally. Even Phillips couldn’t believe the NBA star retweeted his video.

Forming a Superteam to Beat Lebron James

Of course, the general vibe of the video is that the only way to beat Lebron James and the Lakers is by forming a superteam. That notion stems back from a few years ago when the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant after a historic loss at the hands of James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals. The Warriors promptly won each of the next two NBA titles after making the trade for Durant. They defeated James and the Cavs in both of those seasons.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take James very long to get back to winning. His Los Angeles Lakers were of course victorious in the bubble and came away with the 2019-20 NBA title. Los Angeles doubled down on its opportunity to win in the future by extending both Lebron James and Anthony Davis while making a number of other offseason additions.

But the new-look Nets may pose a real threat to Jame’s dominance over the NBA. Harden, Durant and Kyrie Irving are three of the very players in the NBA. However, James has never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Whether the Nets and Lakers meet in the Finals is yet to be seen. But the desire of other superstars around the league wanting to team up to defeat James is a testament to his greatness.