Watch: Lebron James Shares Resurfaced Interview Talking About Michael Jordan Comparisons

by Thad Mitchell

Known by his fans as “The King,” Lebron James has a claim to the title of greatest basketball player of all time. The conversation of who holds that title begins and ends with James and Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan. It is a subject that NBA fans, analysts and players are likely to debate until the end of time.

A 2002 interview with a teenage Lebron James recently resurfaced on a social media page known as “Lebron James Fans.” In the interview, James talks about comparisons drawn between him and Jordan as well as Magic Johnson.

“2002 interview (@KingJames) talks about the comparison to MJ/Magic, dealing with pressure from the public and striving for greatness,” the tweet says.

James also put out a tweet with the interview video thanking players who “laid the groundwork” for him to be successful.

“Appreciative and honored for all those who laid the groundwork before me!” he says. “Even this #youngking appreciated it.”

Lebron James Fans React to Interview

Numerous James’ social media followers and fans chimed in on the video, saying it’s another reason he is the “GOAT.”

“He is the greatest,” a fan simply replies.

“@KingJames how did you keep the focus?” another fans asks. “All that pressure as a kid and taken it in stride to this day.”

“Greatest to ever play,” another James follower adds.