Watch Lee Corso’s Bizarre Vocal Warmup Before ‘College GameDay’: VIDEO

by Nick Geddes

Ever wondered how the iconic Lee Corso gets himself ready for ESPN‘s “College GameDay” each and every Saturday morning?

Thanks to fellow analyst Kirk Herbstreit, we have our answer. Corso, while sippin’ his 8 a.m. coffee, goes through a vocal warmup some might call bizarre. But hey, it gets the job done. And who are we to judge a legend like Corso after all?

Come for the vocal warmup, stay for the picks. Near the end of the video, Herbstreit asks his good friend if he has any upsets in mind for the Week 3 slate of college football. Corso appears to be feeling mighty bold this morning and is calling for a few powerhouses to fall.

Corso has Texas A&M losing at home for the second straight week, this time to Miami. The same applies to Notre Dame, in which Corso is rollin’ with Cal to pull off the upset. Herbstreit was quite taken back from Corso’s predictions, though given what we saw last week, anything is possible.

College Football Fans Concerned About Lee Corso on College GameDay

Corso, 87, is in his 35th year on the “College GameDay” panel. During the Week 0 remote telecast, fans watching at home expressed their concerns for Corso, who appeared to struggle his way through a segment where he made his College Football Playoff predictions.

Rece Davis, the host of “College GameDay,” came to the defense of his friend and longtime partner on air. Davis appeared on “The Dan Le Batard Show” later that week and urged fans not to be so cruel towards Corso on social media. 

“I would encourage the people who were, perhaps, to use your word, unkind or cruel, to reserve a little judgment,” Davis said. “He’s doing great, I speak to him regularly and this weekend in Columbus, I think you’ll see a much more comfortable environment, and you’ll see him be able to deliver, as he still does, which is remarkable.

“His mind is still razor sharp at the age of 87. I should be so fortunate if I’m blessed to make it far in my life.”