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WATCH: Lions Fans Have Hilarious Meltdown Following Ravens’ Justin Tucker’s Historic 66-Yard- Kick

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Every sports fan’s had that moment of disbelief during an eventful game. The one where their team wins or loses by a spectacular last-minute play. And yesterday, Detroit Lions fans felt that disbelief firsthand.

The Lions played the Baltimore Ravens at their home field in Detroit, Michigan. The Ravens started out strong, leading 10-0 by half, but the Lions quickly bounced back. By the end of the fourth quarter, Detroit led Baltimore 17-16, forcing the Ravens to act quickly if they wanted to win the game. And boy, did they ever pull out a last-second move.

The Ravens’ field goal kicker, Justin Tucker, lined up for a historic 66-yard field goal. The NFL record for the longest field goal was 64 yards until Tucker blew it out of the water by successfully hitting one at 66 yards. You can see the ball bounce off the crossbar and fall backward in the right direction in Bleacher Report’s video here.

But lots of people watching didn’t just notice Tucker’s historic record-breaking kick. Many viewers pointed out the reactions of the Detroit Lions fans, who packed into Ford Field for the game. Check out the video from Twitter user and Lions fan Michael Cushman.

“We knew it was going in before he kicked it. The life of a Lions fan,” Cushman wrote. He posted a video of himself and the fellow Lions fans who held their heads in their hands after Tucker made the field goal.

But Cushman was far from the only fan to voice his disappointment over the game results on Twitter or in-person on the field.

Detroit Lions Fans React to Losing to Ravens Over Historic Field Goal Kick

“If there really is a god, he hates the Detroit Lions with a g*****n passion,” one fan tweeted. “They play extremely well, hold the Ravens offense in check, yet they lose on a 66-yard field goal that doinks off the lower crossbar. The Curse of Bobby Layne is real.”

Other Lions fans chimed in with their thoughts on the game. In the video from Darren Rovell below, you can see a hilarious reaction from both a Ravens fan and a Lions fan behind the goal post.

Another Twitter user named Sarah Ellison posted the disbelieving reaction of the Detroit Lions players on the sidelines. The looks on their faces match what Lions fans looked like all around the stadium.

But several Lions fans on Twitter reacted with outrage, seeing the refs miss a clear call that would’ve stopped the Ravens from scoring. Before setting up for Tucker’s field goal, the Ravens seem to run out the play clock before snapping their last ball, something the refs should’ve given them a five-yard penalty for.

“Confirmed official play clock delay of game by a whopping 2.3 seconds. Should have been an easy five-yard penalty for the Ravens and game over. Instead no,” tweeted Lions fan Julius Scott. “You can’t tell tortured Lions fans how to feel.”

Twitter user Peter Della Penna totally agreed. “Lions just got massive MASSIVELY hosed by the refs. On the out-of-bounds throw play before Tucker’s 66-yard FG, the play clock was at 0 for a good 2-3 seconds before the ball was snapped. How do the officials miss that????? Ravens wouldn’t have even tried a 71-yarder.”