WATCH: Lockdown Pigeon Helps Temple Owls on Third Down

by Jonathan Howard

Football is a universally loved sport. It brings so many people…and animals together. Like on this Temple Owls defensive stop.

While trying to stop Memphis from going downfield on a deep pass, late in the fourth quarter, a pigeon assisted the secondary. Temple was up 27-23 and the Tigers were threatening to make a big play into the RedZone. Just three minutes to go. Watch what happened.

Nothing like seeing the Owls team up with the…pigeons? One second you’re just a dove chilling on the 20-yard line, taking in some college football, the next you’re flying from three 200lb athletes. Life comes at you fast.

This is a great play on defense for the bird. That bird should have the highest rating this week for a secondary player from Pro Football Focus. Jokes aside, the two Temple Owls players made a great play, covered the deep threat, and helped their team secure a dub.

While the Owls got some help from their small pigeon friend, they couldn’t stop Memphis from scoring. The Tigers would move down the field and get into the endzone. With just a couple of minutes left, it was a lot of pressure. The score put them up 31-27, but Temple wasn’t going to stay quiet.

This was one of the best games in the early afternoon. With Georgia blowing out Arkansas, Michigan over Wisconsin, and Coastal over LA-Monroe, it was a chalky afternoon. However, this game brought action, TDs, and pigeons! What’s not to like?

Temple Owls Stay Resilient Against Memphis Tigers

Both teams finished the game with over 450 yards offense. That includes over 300 yards through the air and 150 on the ground for both teams as well. This one was played fairly evenly. Just going through the box score shows how even this game was throughout.

Memphis led the way in First Downs with 25 to Temple’s 23. They even had an advantage in 3rd Down efficiency. 11/17 kept multiple drives alive for the visiting Tigers. They also converted 1/2 on 4th Downs. This was a game with a lot of offense.

The Temple Owls had 83 total plays, five more than their opponents. Quarterback D’Wan Mathis had quite a day. He connected on 35/49 passes which were good enough for 322 yards and 3 TDs. He also made a few plays with his legs. His four rushes were enough for 53 yards.

On the other side of things for the Memphis Tigers, Seth Henigan got it done as well/ He threw the ball a bunch and connected on 24/40 passes. That racked up 305 yards and a trio of scores himself. He carried the ball 9 times for just 11 yards. However, Rodrigues Clark had a good day on the ground with 92 yards and a TD.

The Temple Owls didn’t fret when Memphis scored late in the fourth. The offense went out and executed. They marched downfield for a TD and took the game 34-31.