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WATCH: Los Angeles Rams Pull Off Gorgeous Hook-and-Ladder Play, NFL Fans Ask for More

by Evan Reier
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Ask the Los Angeles Rams and head coach Sean McVay: football is better with trick plays involved.

This may be stating the obvious for people who actually enjoy life and fun things, but unfortunately, we don’t see more of it just because it’s fun to watch.

NFL coaches can make the excuse that it’s “too risky” or that “losing big games on failed trick plays is how I lose my job,” but that isn’t stopping Sean McVay.

Down two scores and in need of a two-point conversion to get within a touchdown of the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round, McVay got creative.

After a successful rushing touchdown from running back Cam Akers, the Rams needed two yards. Going back to the bruising rookie running back was what people expected. But the manner in which Akers hit the endzone definitely raised eyebrows.

First, a quick pass to Van Jefferson from quarterback Jared Goff. Then, the Rams receiver tosses up the ball to Akers, who hits the corner of the endzone and to make it a 25-18 game. We love to see it, and we cannot stress that enough.

Fans Go Nuts After Los Angeles Rams Get Tricky

As to be expected, Rams and NFL fans in general were stoked to see a dangerous call in a big moment. Who doesn’t?

Sportwriter Joe Rexrode kept it simple: ‘More hook and laterals, please.”

Obviously, we agree.

One Rams fan, @RamIt2195, commented on the nature of going from a “wildcat” run to a trick play.


That guy is definitely a Sean McVay fan.

Dallas sports anchor Mike Leslie adds an obvious detail that you might not think about: the length needed to score.

“A three yard hook & ladder. That’s awesome.”

Perhaps the best reaction, though, comes from Los Angeles Rams rival QB Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawk didn’t have much to say after the play, but the word of choice said everything it needed to say.


Same, Russ. Same.