WATCH: LSU Fan Casually Walks Onto the Field During Game, Watches a Play

by Nick Geddes

Week 2 of the college football season was wild.

That might be an understatement seeing that the Sun Belt conference trio of Marshall, Appalachian State and Georgia Southern pulled off upsets of Notre Dame, Texas A&M and Nebraska respectively. Ok, maybe the Eagles over the Cornhuskers isn’t all that shocking, but you get the point.

But beyond the upsets, LSU’s 65-17 victory over Southern gave us the video of the night. In the middle of an actual play, one LSU fan wandered onto the field. He wasn’t streaking. He wasn’t running from police. He was just walking — enjoying a nice night in Baton Rouge.

And not only was he on the field, but it was a good 20 seconds before police noticed or cared to intervene. But the LSU fan wasn’t going out without a fight. What could have been an easy process, turned into a “so you’re probably wondering how I ended up here” moment. The LSU fan was eventually brought to the ground by four officers and carried away. You see there’s hammered and then there’s HAMMERED. Pretty easy to figure out which one this is a case of.

But hey, for one play, he had the best seat in the house. Was it worth it? You be the judge.

LSU Fan Carried Out as Tigers Roll

On the field, it was a good night for the Tigers and a nice bounce back for Brian Kelly. He gets his first win as a member of the SEC and will look for No. 2 next Saturday against Mississippi State.

Something tells me the LSU fan who was dragged away won’t be in attendance for that one.