WATCH: Man Goes on a Rampage, Punches Woman in the Face During Raiders-Chargers Brawl

by Sean Griffin

As to be expected, there were many brawls and fights at NFL games for 2022’s opening weekend. While teams battled it out on the field on Sunday, some fans were battling it out in the stands.

In this viral video shared to Twitter, a group of Las Vegas Raiders fans get into a brawl in the stadium’s concourse during their matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers won the game 24-19.

One fan goes on a punching rampage and decks three people, including a woman. During the scene, the man knocks a shirtless man to the ground before taking on other fans.

“Meanwhile at the #Raiders game,” the tweet’s caption says. It’s not clear what ended up happening at the end of the video, but before the video ends, plenty of people get a face full of fist.

“Lost off and on the field,” one person wrote, referring to the Raiders’ loss in the game. “Charger fan just chillin,” another one said, referencing the man in the Chargers jersey spectating the fight.

However, former NFL stars LeSean McCoy and Emmanuel Acho witnessed a brawl between fan’s at the NFL’s opening game on Thursday between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills.

Brawl at Thursday Night’s Bills-Rams Game

On Thursday, the Buffalo Bills gave the Los Angeles Rams all they could handle in the NFL’s 2022 debut. The Buffalo Bills nearly doubled the Rams in total yardage (413 to 243), and the final score ended up 31-10 after a tied 10-10 halftime score. However, the on-field Bills’ mauling of the Rams wasn’t the only brawl that happened at SoFi Stadium last night.

Outside of the stadium, an intense brawl between fans occurred in this viral clip captured by former NFL star and media personality Emmanuel Acho.

Not only do we see fans duking it out on the streets of LA, we also get commentary from former NFL All-Pro running back and Bills player LeSean McCoy, who was with Acho during the fight.

The fight clip can be viewed below.

In the video, we see a few fans of the Bills and Rams fighting in a busy intersection as fans exit the stadium. In the clip, a Bills fan punches a man in a black t-shirt, instigating the scuffle. Then, another man in a Rams jersey runs over to the Bills fan. However, the Bills fan rears back and connects with the Rams fan, sending him to the ground.

Bystanders quickly break up the skirmish shortly after, and Emmanuel Acho pans to his buddy LeSean McCoy, who looks bewildered by the fight.

“Where are we going?” LeSean asks as Emmanuel starts laughing. LeSean then comments, “They can’t fight,” laughing at the lack of fighting prowess both parties showed. Acho pans back to the scene and then ends the video.