WATCH: Miami Football Fans Save a Cat Falling from Upper Deck with an American Flag in What Might Be Saturday’s Craziest Moment

by Suzanne Halliburton

This may be the craziest moment on a Saturday chock full of zany games. Did you see Miami football fans save a cat?

And the fans who did so used an American flag to keep the cat from possibly dying on the stadium concrete.

It was a wild scene captured on video and then posted on Twitter. There’s the cat hanging by its front claws from the upper deck. We’re not sure how it got into the stadium in the first place, or how the cat ended up in such a tenuous spot.

The Miami football fans at Hard Rock Stadium watched as the cat let go, as several brave souls used a flag to catch the feline. One fan held up the cat Lion King style. But you can tell that the anxious cat was very freaked out as he clawed at his Miami football rescuers.

A host for the Miami football radio network tweeted the video, which quickly went viral. The caption — “Well this may be the craziest thing I’ve seen at a college football game.”

And the feline even got a hashtag.

Best Early Action for Miami Football Was #HardRockCat

Miami coach Manny Diaz even acknowledged the cat in his post-game press conference after the Hurricanes won, 25-23.

“If the cat can help us in the red zone, we’ll give him a scholarship,” Diaz cracked.

Miami football fans might’ve preferred the save-the-cat moment in the first half of their game. After all, Appalachian State led the Hurricanes at halftime.

And as expected — knowing the feisty cat survived — college football fans everywhere had so much feline fun on social media.

One fan wrote: “The cat clawing at it’s saviors is Peak Cat.” (It’s a cat. That’s what cats do).

Another person noted that the patriotic Miami football fans were prepared for the moment.

“If 9/11 never happened they wouldn’t have had that flag there to save that cats life.”

Or how about this comment? “They just saved that cats life at a football game, they are allowed to spike it. Seriously though, that’s amazing.” (The cat is a cat. The attitude is part of its feline DNA.)

Then, there was this: “When your drunk alumni are better at catching than your wide receiver group…” (The catch was very strategic, but they did fumble the cat).

Another user wasn’t that impressed with what the Miami football fans did moments after the rescue.

“Great job saving the cat. Super terrible job trying to Lion King and suffocate the cat afterwards. Not everything has to be about the Gram, geeze.”

Then dog people entered the comments section.

“That’s why I have dogs. Cats are always doing weird, shady things.” Another wrote: “Can confirm. The dog would just be up there licking its butt and trying to eat peanuts under the seats like a normal animal.”

“One reason I prefer dogs. My big boy isn’t going anywhere but the kitchen.”