WATCH: Michael Irvin Tries, Fails to Break Up Bar Fight

by Nick Geddes

A fistfight reportedly broke out at a Dallas bar Monday with Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin in attendance.

Irvin, however, wasn’t throwing punches. Rather he was attempting to de-escalate the situation. Keyword “attempting,” as his efforts failed. Irvin arrived into town after appearing on ESPN‘s “First Take” in New York City that morning. He and a friend were playing pool at Knockout Sports Bar when a fan walked up to Irvin looking to get a picture, per TMZ Sports.

Witnesses reportedly told TMZ that Irvin’s friend told the fan to leave, although Irvin didn’t appear to have a problem. He quickly jumped in and tried to calm everyone down. That, unfortunately, didn’t stop multiple people from engaging in an all-out brawl.

Once order was restored, Irvin quietly exited the bar. He was not involved in the fight in any capacity, seen talking to a server on the other side of the bar. TMZ reports that the police were not called and thus, are not investigating.

Michael Irvin Expecting Big Season for Dallas Cowboys

As mentioned, Irvin appeared on “First Take” Monday alongside a returning Stephen A. Smith. It didn’t take long for “America’s Team” to get mentioned, with Irving making a bold prediction for the 2022 NFL season. Could we see a circa Miami Dolphins 1972 campaign out of Dallas this season? Irvin thinks it’s possible.

“If the Dallas Cowboys clean up these penalties, they will be chasing the [undefeated] 1972 Miami Dolphins,” Irvin said. “When you got the No. 1 offense, clean up these penalties, they will be chasing the 1972 Dolphins. Did I say something crazy?”

Yes, Michael. You did. The Cowboys are not going 17-0 and capping it off with a Lombardi Trophy.