WATCH: Michael Strahan Hilariously Shades Tom Brady with Eli and Peyton Manning

by Jonathan Howard

It’s Monday night and that means another edition of Eli and Peyton Manning. Michael Strahan joined the brother on their simulcast show. The former defensive player had some words for Tom Brady.

Last week, Brady was the guest on the Manning Monday Night Football show. The GOAT said some bold comments about defensive players. Strahan, watching his Giants take on Kansas City, responded to those comments. As former Super Bowl foes, the two have some competitive history.

Check out the video below, Peyton tries to egg this on as much as possible.

“Michael, I don’t know if you saw it,” Peyton started. “Last week Tom Brady came on this show, he called defensive players, let me read it: ‘Dogs chasing cars,’ let me say that again. Defensive players are ‘dogs chasing cars.’ Take all the time you need for a rebuttal.”

That’s when Strahan threw a little shade of his own on behalf of defensive players everywhere.

“All I must say is that I love and respect Tom Brady…I appreciate him. One giant loss, going down right there in the sack,” Strahan said as his Super Bowl highlights over Brady played on screen. “He’s my business partner in the religion of sports, I respect [him]. A dog chasing a [car]? No that’s what you call a defensive end chasing a ring and um we got it.”

Quite the rebuttal indeed. Michael Strahan had quite a career in the NFL. He helped bring the Giants a Super Bowl and had the pleasure of sacking Tom Brady in the process. Strahan was one of the most feared defenders of his era. The crazy thing is that Brady played against Strahan and is still playing now. Ageless.

Michael Strahan Shares Creepy Baby Statue on Halloween

We are just tone day removed from Halloween. Michael Strahan got in the holiday spirit. He has so many jobs and duties, the former defensive end is seemingly everywhere. He is on in the morning with GMA, has Fox NFL Sunday hosting duties, and all the other fun stuff he does professionally and otherwise.

Strahan and Jimmy Johnson shared a creepy statue on Fox. It looked like a baby doll from Hell. The two laughed and cracked jokes about the little creepy thing. Strahan had a lot of fun with it, laughing in pictures he shared on Instagram. There’s one thing that is almost universally despised, creepy baby dolls and related items. Just bad vibes all around, but just a fun part of festivities on a spooky Halloween.

As a defensive end, Michael Strahan isn’t afraid of much. Not Tom Brady and apparently not creepy baby statues either. He is on TV all the time and always brings smiles and insight to viewers.