WATCH: Michael Strahan Hilariously Used as Body Shield by Jay Glazer in Resurfaced Super Bowl Clip

by Will Shepard

During the 2017 Super Bowl, there were a lot of memorable moments. Most of the moments took place on the field. Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer are throwing their hat in the ring for a memorable moment during Super Bowl LI.

Perhaps the most incredible moment came from Julian Edelman making an unbelievable catch late in the game. But there is another moment that isn’t talked about as much that deserves its credit too.

After Super Bowl LI, Andy Reid was watching a film of the game just three hours later. During his film session, he sent along with a very specific clip to Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer for their enjoyment.

Both of the analysts have taken the footage that Andy Reid sent them and posted their own interpretations of the play to Twitter.

While the exact time during the game is unclear, this moment isn’t exactly a football play. Well, it is, but it involves Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer on the sideline.

Julio Jones makes a great catch near the sideline. But, his momentum carries him out of bounds towards Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer. Before Jones stops before hitting the two analysts, Glazer makes an outstanding move.

Jay Glazers sees that Julio Jones is flying towards him and takes the appropriate steps. He immediately jumps behind Michael Strahan for protection.

Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer Detail Different Stories

Michael Strahan’s interpretation of the play is a little bit different than Jay Glazer’s. He says that Glazer is basically useless when push comes to shove, as evidenced in the clip. He makes fun of Glazer being scared of the football play.

However, can anyone really blame Glazer for jumping behind Strahan? To be fair, Jay Glazer is reportedly 5-foot-9-inches tall, while Michael Strahan is 6-foot-5-inches tall. Additionally, Strahan played 15 years in the NFL for the New York Giants as a defensive end.

So, can you blame a guy who has never played a down of football for jumping behind an NFL veteran?

Not only is this video hilarious, but it also showcases Andy Reid’s hawkeye. His ability to find a play on the sideline of two analysts doing something irregular is outstanding. It certainly shows just how in-depth Reid’s ability to watch film goes.

Hopefully, there will be more moments like Jay Glazer using Michael Strahan as a human shield to come. Perhaps during this next Super Bowl, Strahan will pick Glazer up and throw him at the oncoming player.