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WATCH: Michael Strahan Savors His Bragging Rights, Dances on Jimmy Johnson and NFL Cohosts

by John Jamison
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Former New York Giants pass rusher Michael Strahan doesn’t need to brag. The man still holds the single-season NFL sack record with 22.5, a number no one is likely to surpass anytime soon. He’s made a successful career for himself as a TV personality, though his bread and butter is still football broadcasting. He knows the sport better than most, and that may have something to do with why we found him dancing in the face of his co-hosts on “FOX NFL Sunday” earlier today.

Michael Strahan has been a fixture on “FOX NFL Sunday” since 2008, the year after he retired from the NFL. In that time, his football knowledge has made him a valuable and entertaining resource for the show. It has also led him down the path of victory when it comes to picking the outcomes of games. As it happens, Michael Strahan is the defending pick champion on “FOX NFL Sunday.” Last season, he beat out his expert co-hosts for the title.

And what does one do when they beat out football legends Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long? They dance, of course. Michael Strahan hit the floss, rubbing his victory in the face of his football peers.

“I’m not going to brag about finishing in first place everybody. All I’m going to say is this. The 49ers will win by 10, how ’bout that?” said Strahan, flossing all the while.

He’s already off to a hot start. While the 49ers didn’t quite win by 10, they had a 20-plus point lead in the 4th quarter and held on for a win over the Detroit Lions. If that’s the only pick Michael Strahan made on the day, he’d be batting a thousand.

Michael Strahan Gave Country Star Morgan Wallen a Platform to Discuss His Recent Controversy

Country fans will know all too well the trouble Morgan Wallen found himself in after being recorded using a racial slur on video. The country sensation has since apologized profusely and has gotten back to releasing new music.

In July, however, before Wallen stepped back into the spotlight, he was invited onto “Good Morning America” by Michael Strahan. The two aired out the situation. Strahan was a good point reference, as he was personally affected by the comment made by Wallen.

“[It] makes you mad, makes you angry, doesn’t make you feel good at all,” Strahan explained, referencing the use of the N-word. “So, do you understand why it makes Black people so upset?”

The conversation seemed productive. These days, Morgan Wallen is once again performing, and in doing so, helping those in need. In the name of disaster relief, he helped to raise more than $700,000 with his first official performance in more than a year.