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WATCH: Michigan Players Unload on Ohio State Fans After Blowout Win Over Buckeyes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

The Game between Michigan and Ohio State didn’t disappoint. After the game, in true rivalry fashion, Michigan players taunted fans a bit. When you blow out your rival 45-23 in their own stadium, emotions run high. The Wolverines and Buckeyes college football rivalry is unlike any other.

Michigan had a day. In the fourth quarter, they had 21 points and put their opponent away with relative ease. It was a big celebration on the sidelines as Michigan players put up “O’s” with their hands and broke them over their knees.

A few players let out some NSFW words as they yelled at the rival fans in the stands.

Look, do we here at Outsider condone language like this? Well… Let’s put it this way, if you don’t want to be called “weak AF” then you need to not lose your football game by 22 points. No fanbase has ever been called weak while their team is winning a game. That’s the issue here.

All kidding aside, the rivalry looks like it is alive and healthy between these two programs. For the last two seasons, Michigan has had Ohio State’s number. Plain and simple. It could change next season, or this might be the start of Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines’ reign over the Buckeyes program?

Between last year and this year, things definitely look like they are changing in the Big 10.

Michigan Leaves Ohio State Behind

This game was close in the first half. In fact, Ohio State had a slight edge over Michigan early on. However, things started to change. The Buckeyes kept making mistakes on offense that led to turnovers, and the defense wasn’t able to keep up with Michigan’s attacks.

Both teams came in undefeated on the season and with playoff hopes in their minds. However, only Michigan was able to walk away with a perfect record after this one. It pretty much sinks Ohio State’s hopes and elevates Michigan to a place where they can drop the Big 10 championship game and still be okay.

This season is going to be very interesting in terms of the College Football Playoff. No Alabama, no Clemson, and no Ohio State. That means we will see a new makeup with the four teams.