WATCH: Michigan State Players Punch and Kick Michigan Player Who Took Wrong Turn in Tunnel

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

College football rivalries can be very serious. Michigan and Michigan State got into a scuffle after the game in the tunnel. A Wolverine player made a wrong turn and ended up surrounded by Spartans. In a 29-7 win for Michigan, the folks in white and green didn’t feel so friendly.

Honestly, what is in the video captured of the event is a bit more than just rivalry shenanigans. This was seriously a bad situation that could have been so much worse. It really looks like these players were trying to hurt the guy. Luckily, there were folks there to break things up and get the Wolverine to safety.

The pushing and shoving actually happened while the teams were still on the field. There isn’t really a clear picture of how the player ended up in the wrong tunnel, but it’s clear that this response wasn’t the appropriate one. Football is fun and rivalries get intense. Still, you hate to see the players act in this manner.

Michigan State didn’t do well on the field and it showed that frustrations had boiled over in the postgame. This season has not been ideal for the Spartans as they have a record of 3-5 on the year following the loss today. Michigan remains the best team in the BIG 10 and proved it once again today with an even-handed performance against their rivals.

Michigan State Run Game Struggles

This Michigan defense stepped up and shut down the Michigan State run game. They were barely able to clear 20 yards on the day as a unit. The only thing that worked for the Spartans was the connection between quarterback Payton Thome and receiver Keon Coleman. They paired up on five receptions and 155 yards. Coleman also scored the only touchdown for the Spartans.

Things just have not gone Sparty’s way this year. Michigan State spent a to of money on head coach Mel Tucker and is attempting to bring them back to the top of the BIG 10. The way that college football coaching goes, there might be some heat on his seat.