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WATCH: Mississippi State HC Mike Leach Goes on Minute-Long Rant About Halloween Candy

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Halloween candy? Mississippi State beat Vanderbilt on Saturday, and coach Mike Leach can talk about anything he wants. They just won, for crying out loud.

SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang asked Leach a follow-up question about the coach’s love of candy.

And after the Bulldogs won 45-6, the 60-year-old coach didn’t hold back about his hatred of candy corn and love of *checks notes* gummy bears.

One Twitter fan said he’d pay to watch the coach go “to Dollar Tree to buy Spree in a box.”

After that rant, I guess I would too.

Mike Leach reportedly makes $5 million a year to play in the SEC and faces top SEC-caliber talent weekly.

Mike Leach’s Candy Rant

It was classic weird and fascinating from the go-to coach for all things enchanting. I mean, the guy’s got a law degree and a master’s in sports science. He could probably talk about anything.

“Got to be the Haribo ones,” Mike Leach said. “And then the other thing I love is when they used to have the Sprees in a box, outstanding. You have to go to the dollar store to find it, but I do. And then the latest, there’s still candy innovation. Although a while back, I found that Europe had better candy than we did overall. Because they have gummie everything. You know they have those Nerds clusters, which is new, which is good, the Nerds clusters is good. Then if you go chocolate, probably Almond Joy.”

If you’re a Mississippi State fan, you probably already stayed for the whole game. You already know Will Rogers went full tilt, tossing four touchdowns and racking up 386 passing yards. You already know Makai Polk hauled in two Rogers passes.

I guess this is what makes Mike Leach’s post-game rants fun. They’re often crazy and off-the-wall-type conversations. Today, he’s happy. The team’s content and the Bulldogs have kept a winning streak over Vandy since 2004.

Famous Mike Leach Rants

The coach has some famous stuff when it comes to things like marriage, Bigfoot, and aliens.

“I hope there’s Bigfoot, I don’t think there is,” Leach said in a 2017 interview. “The reason I don’t think there is, because we found bones of dinosaurs and everything else, but we haven’t found bones – that I’ve heard of – of Bigfoot. It’d be fun if there’s Bigfoot, I hope there’s Bigfoot. But my guess is there’s not.”

As for aliens, Mike Leach thinks they exist, but they’re not the “little green men” everyone thinks they are from movies and shows. 

He’s also had classic lines about the media, “Looney Tunes,” and even obituaries.

When asked by an ESPN reporter what he’d like his obituary to say, he responded it didn’t matter.

“Well that’s their problem,” Mike Leach said. “…what do I care, I’m dead.”