WATCH: MLB Fan Avoids Security on Field Long Enough To Take the Mound and ‘Throw’ a Pitch

by Chris Haney

Monday night’s MLB matchup between the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants was delayed by a fan who ran onto the field and amusingly pretended to throw pitches from the mound.

As the ninth inning began at Oracle Park, the fan hopped the barrier and took the field himself. He jogged around casually without much interference at first, which was odd to see since security typically gives chase right away. The man ran past first base towards the Mets’ dugout and seemed to gesture to the away team and fans in the stadium.

Then, the MLB diamond invader jogged down the first base line and right into three security guards. However, they barely made a move for him as they allowed him to run off once again. That’s when the fan had the bright idea of taking the mound.

While wearing a San Diego Padres jersey and holding his Giants hat, he toed the rubber and mimed a pitch. Additionally, he even pretended to shake off Giants catcher Buster Posey’s signs before throwing his imaginary pitch. Yet the same three relaxed security guards walked up to the mound and the field invader jogged off to second base.

He only took a few steps before turning around and facing security with his hands on his hips. For whatever reason, the invader tried to run between the guards who tackled him to the ground and escorted him off the field. Oracle Park security didn’t seem too concerned about the fan. In fact, they didn’t run after him once during the ordeal. So we’re surprised the fan isn’t still miming pitches on the mound right now.

“Those nine beers you had, guy, is going to cost you a night in jail,” Giants radio announcer Mike Krukow said.

MLB Game Interrupted by Cat Streaking Across Field

The Padres/Giants fan plus lax security made for an interesting delay in Monday’s night’s game. Many fans in the stadium booed his antics and cheered when security finally took him down. But a couple of weeks ago, it seemed as if the entire crowd at Yankee Stadium supported another field invader as security gave chase.

During an August 2nd MLB matchup between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, a stray cat got loose on the field. In the bottom of the 8th inning, the feline entered the playing field at Yankee Stadium and had its 15 seconds of fame. 

Since the Yanks trailed the O’s 7-1 with only an inning left to go, New York fans seemed much more engaged in the cat chase than the game itself. They hilariously banded together to root for the cat’s every move. Each time security got near the cat, it escaped capture to the delight of the crowd.

“Uh oh. Well, this could be a while,” one of the announcers amusingly said during the broadcast.

“Go down there and catch that cat, would you?” the other announcer joked to his partner in the booth.

A dozen security guards continued to chase the cat to no avail. As the little feline continued to evade its would-be capturers, Yankees fans broke out MVP chants. Even the Yankees players in the dugout got a kick out of the scenes on the field. New York fans may not have shown up to see a win, but at least they witnessed a hysterical cat chase to ease the pain of their team’s 7-1 loss.