WATCH: NASCAR Driver Joey Logano and Others Slam into Wall, Spin Due to Curbing at Brickyard Road Course

by Chris Haney

During Sunday’s NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, driver Joey Logano and others rammed into the wall in a multi-car crash.

The NASCAR Cup Series rolled into Indianapolis this weekend for the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard. The road course event was chaotic and marred with crashes throughout. In fact, Turn 6 gave drivers problems the whole day, but things came to a head on Lap 78.

Racers continued to have issues with curb and speed bump at Turn 6 all day long. Multiple cars spun out while making the turn, but nothing too serious happened until the 78th lap. Around 10 drivers came around the S-shaped turn and either spun out or crashed into the wall.

First, the No. 24 car driven by William Byron spun out across the grass as another driver spun out right behind him. Then, Joey Logano’s No. 22 car spun out and rammed into the wall. Logano got lucky as Ryan Preece’s No. 37 car also lost control and headed straight for him. Preece’s ride hit the wall and slid within feet of Logano, but the two cars never came in contact. Numerous other cars followed suit in the multi-car crash.

As the NASCAR race announcers exclaimed during the race, the curb in Turn 6 seemed to come up from the track, which caused the wrecks.

“William Byron is reporting that the curb came up. He hit the curb in the [No. 24 car],” one announcer shared.

“Yea, the curbing is coming up, and that’s what everyone hit when they were coming through there in Turn 6,” the other announcer added.

NASCAR’s official Twitter account posted a clip of the multi-car crash. Additionally, they added a video of Joey Logano exiting his car as it sat still crashed into the wall. Thankfully, Logano and the other drivers are alright. But many of the drivers that hit the Turn 6 curb ended their day on a low note.

NASCAR Driver Joey Logano ‘Just Happy I’m Alive’ After Major Crash at Talladega GEICO 500

NASCAR Cup Series driver Joey Logano is no stranger to scary wrecks, especially this season. A few months ago in April, Logano suffered a horrific crash at the Talladega GEICO 500. While the wreck in Indianapolis wasn’t quite as worrisome, the driver walked away from the April accident simply happy to be alive.

While driving more than 100 miles per hour, he made contact with another car. His Ford Mustang spun out before lifting off the ground and flipping over numerous times before landing right side up.

Luckily, Logano walked away unscathed, which is a credit to NASCAR‘s safety equipment. Shortly after the massive crash, he spoke with reporters.

“On one hand, I am so proud to drive a Cup car that is safe – that I can go through a crash like that and get out and speak about it,” Joey Logano said. “And one hand, I’m mad about being in the crash and the other hand I’m just happy I’m alive.”

“On the other hand, I think when are we going to going to stop? Because this is dangerous doing what we are doing. I got a roll bar in my head. That is not OK. I am one hit away from the same situation Ryan Newman just went through,” he added.