WATCH: NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Reveals His Favorite Karaoke Song In Hilarious Video

by Thad Mitchell

NASCAR racing superstar Bubba Wallace is one of several racers to reveal their “go-to” Karaoke song of choice in a recent and hilarious video.

The drivers are asked to reveal what they prefer to sing during a karaoke night out with friends. Many of them choose 90’s country songs or classic rock tunes like “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. The racing stars are asked to sing a couple of verses from their song of choice. Some straight out refuse with a laugh while others dive right into the chorus of their chosen song. Bubba Wallace selects an old-school song that is sure to be popular among fans of the 27-year-old NASCAR star. His Karaoke song selection comes at the two-minute and 15-second mark into the three-minute video. See if you can guess his pick before watching the video.

“Who doesn’t love karaoke?” the Twitter post from Toyota Racing asks. “We know Kyle Busch’s karaoke song but what are other Team Toyota driver’s favs?”

Hilarity ensues as soon as the video starts as the drivers talk about their choice of karaoke songs. Bubba Wallace makes an interesting selection with the 1989 hit single from rapper Biz Markie “Just a Friend.” Wallace even sings a few bars from the hit song to the delight of NASCAR fans around the world.

Bubba Wallace Retweets Hilarious Karaoke Video

He wasn’t done there as he also retweets the video with his own commentary on his choice.

“A little Biz Markie never hurt nobody,” he says in the caption along with a microphone emoji.

The video was a big hit among NASCAR fans who enjoy seeing their favorite racers sharing a bit of detail about their personal lives. Numerous fans of Bubba Wallace chime in to say they approve of his karaoke go-to song. A couple of fans even note “Just a Friend” is also one of their own favorite karaoke songs. If nothing else, the video provides some hilarious entertainment for fans and allows the racers to loosen up and be themselves.

Bubba Wallace is having a nice season in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series, where he drives the number 23 Toyota for 23XI Racing. He is NASCAR’s only African American driver in the sport’s three national series. He sports the number 23 on his car as a tribute to legendary National Basketball Association player Michael Jordan. Widely considered one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on a court, Jordan owns the team that Bubba Wallace races for. Jordan, of course, wore the number 23 during his time with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

In recent months, Bubba Wallace has praised NASCAR for taking a stand on social justice issues. He specifically pointed to the league’s stance on disallowing the Confederate Flag at races as a positive step.