WATCH: NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Smokes Turkey Ahead of Thanksgiving 2020

by Will Shepard

NASCAR star Bubba Wallace is smoking his turkey this year in style. It seems that during his vacation from racing, he has picked up cooking. Wallace, as of September, is sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal. So, of course, he is putting that to good use.

In a Twitter post, he shows his fans how he is cooking his turkey this year. Proudly showing off his pellet smoking skills, Wallace is practice lapping his turkey cooking.

Although it might be a tad early to have finished cooking his turkey, he has some serious skills as a chef.

Wallace shows off his salt sprinkling ability, just like Nusret Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae. Pairing his plump turkey with a big cast iron full of mashed potatoes, he puts them both into the smoker to cook.

And like all turkeys, low and slow wins the race. Once the turkey is finished cooking, somehow in thirty seconds, he takes it out and lays it elegantly on a bed of greens.

“And that right there is my Thanksgiving turkey. It looks pretty good.”

Wallace Could Do His Own Cooking Show

Wallace certainly seems to have kicked it up a notch this year. While he doesn’t give any of his preparation away with the video, the food looks delicious. As a result, the video is being received incredibly well. In particular, one of his fans is calling for a Bubba Wallace cooking show.

In addition to someone asking for Wallace to start his own show, others are salivating over how good the smoked turkey looks. One of his fans from Canada even says that if it weren’t for the border issues, they’d be there in a heartbeat to taste test.

While Wallace might not like having someone show up to his house uninvited, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Fans also took note of his salt application technique and quickly pointed out the similarities to Salt Bae.

Bubba looks happy and healthy while on break from NASCAR.