WATCH: NASCAR Stars Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano and Austin Cindric Send Interview off the Rails with Weird Filters

by Quentin Blount

Are you a fan of NASCAR? Yes? Are you a fan of funny things? Yes? Then you will love the latest interview with Ryan Blaney, Austin Cindric, and Joey Logano.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then you most certainly know the names of the drivers we just mentioned. All three of them compete in the NASCAR Cup Series. Ryan Blaney competes full-time as the driver of the No. 12 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske. Joey Logano also competes full-time and is a teammate with Blaney. He drives the No. 22 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske. And as for Austin Cindric, he is also a teammate of Blaney and Logano. Except he competes part-time in the Cup Series, driving the No. 33 Mustang for Team Penske.

On Thursday, the three Team Penske drivers sat down for Instagram’s Rooms interview. And well, let’s just say it didn’t exactly go as planned. Logano is in the middle of answering a question from the interviewer when Ryan Blaney starts to change his appearance in the background by using face filters.

He uses a filter that makes his eyes and mouth look huge, which of course, leads Logano to talk about that instead of actually answering the question. He then turns himself into an alien before Austin Cindric follows suit. Before it was all said and done Cindric even turned himself into Food Network star Guy Fieri using a filter.

The official NASCAR Twitter account posted the hilarious video online where it’s more than 3.4 million followers could see. Take a look down below:

“Today’s @instagram Rooms interview with @Blaney, @AustinCindric, and @joeylogano went a little sideways.”

NASCAR Fans Have a Laugh Thanks to Hiliarous Interview

NASCAR fans and just about everyone else who saw the video found it to be hysterical. Many fans took to the comments section to leave their reactions about what happened. Speaking of which, one of those fans thinks that Blaney, with his big eyes and big mouth filter, looked like Master Oogway from the popular kids film Kung Fu Panda.

“Why does Blaney look like master oogway tho?” they asked.

Other NASCAR followers, meanwhile, also found the video to by hilarious.

“Austin not being able to focus on the championship question was hilarious! He was just dying laughing and it was so hilarious!”

Now, could you imagine you just wake up and this is the first thing you see on your feed? That’s exactly what took place for one follower. They said they woke up to NASCAR live-streaming the interview. Is there any seriously a better way to start the day? We think not.

“This made my day,” another follower said. ” I woke up to this live and I just died laughing @Blaney always brings a mile to my face.”