WATCH: New Video Shows Tiger Woods Day Before Horrific Car Crash

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Earlier this year, fans were shocked to hear Tiger Woods was in a horrifying car crash. It was reported that on February 23, Woods was likely speeding as fast as 87 miles per hour before he crashed his SUV. This meant the golf legend was traveling at speeds as high as 45 miles per hour over the speed limit. The crash left Woods with a seriously injured leg. And fans with a lot of questions.

After the accident, rumors swirled that the golfer was driving recklessly or possibly under the influence before the crash. Or at least that some type of reckless behavior or personal strife may have been behind the crash. Many of these questions still have yet to be answered.

However, TMZ has recently shared some recently released footage that may speak to the golfer’s mindset in the hours before the incident.

Tiger Woods Laughing Just Before Life-Changing Crash

The website’s report noted that a video had just been released by Golf Digest. The video shows Woods laughing and joking with Jada Pinkett Smith out on the golf course just one day before the dangerous crash.

In the video, Tiger was helping Pinkett Smith perfect her swing. The pro-golfer even coached the actress enough to help her score a birdie during the outing. Woods and Pinkett Smith were all smiles as they celebrated the triumph with a celebratory fist bump.

The footage captured the two friends discussing their personal lives. In one conversation, the golfing great opened up to Jada Pinkett Smith about his two children son Charlie, and daughter Sam.

Tiger Woods even discussed another one of his favorite past times with the actress. In the video, Woods tells Pinkett Smith that he enjoys hitting the ocean to practice freediving.

An odd piece in the video is a moment that seems almost a bit too prophetic. The golfer and Pinkett Smith talked about getting older. During the discussion, Tiger Woods mentioned that his body isn’t keeping up as it was when he was younger.

Just a short 24 hours after the video was recorded, the 45-year-old golf star suffered severe injuries to his right leg after the accident.

This incident was eerily similar to a 2017 crash that left Tiger with a DUI after he was discovered asleep inside the damaged vehicle. Woods blamed an “unexpected” reaction to a variety of prescription medications for his losing consciousness.

Authorities have noted that they believe Woods was not impaired or distracted at the time of the accident. It has been suggested that rather than hitting the breaks as he began to lose control, Woods instead hit the gas, accelerating the speed just before impact.